Brush Dishwashing Gloves


Brush Dishwashing Gloves

Does your hands’ skin become rough, or does the sponge limit your utensil washing speed?

Oh, that means you’re unable to properly do the kitchen tasks that eat up your time and hinder you from feeling at ease throughout the day.

So, use these Brush Dishwashing Gloves to turn the tables.

They protect your hands and keep them soft and fresh while letting you wash your kitchen utensils quickly.

What you’ll get:

  • Fast utensil washing: These gloves are equipped with strong and long bristles. They deeply sponge dishes or anything else and enable you to swiftly get your kitchen work done. The bristles cause no scratches to your cutlery.
  • Skin & nails care: These gloves protect your hands and nails from dishes’ grease and ensure their safety, softness, and smoothness remain intact.
  • Non-slip design: The engraved design and silicone keep these gloves secured on your hands and avoid slipping to enable you to wash the crockery with ease and comfort.
  • Multiple-use: Not just for dishwashing, you can use these brush dishwashing gloves for washing veggies and fruits, car, pet caring, and so on.
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Brush Dishwashing Gloves
Brush Dishwashing Gloves
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