Burger Press Pro®

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Burger Press Pro®

No longer do you need to go out to get the perfect burger.

With our Burger Press, you can make delicious burgers at home. With the burger press you can make tasty and perfect sized burgers at home! Simply put the ground beef into the mould, use it to press down the beef and voila! The press is easy to clean as well, which is an added bonus. You can even make stuffed burgers, by making a well in the beef and adding your favourite fillers.. cheese and bacon filled burger, yum!

√ Burger Press Pro®: Our Burger Press has 3 parts for different functions, the bottom mode could make a big stuffed patty, the middle mode could make a sandwich-burger, the top could make a small stuffed patty. Burger Press Pro®, make any burger you like.

√ Removable Lift Plate: Push up from the bottom to remove the patty from the base, which is easy to take off the stuffed patty and also convenient to wash.

√ Premium Material: Made of high quality food-grade BPA free ABS plastic, durable, safe and easy to use.

√ Dishwasher Safe: Our burger press supports dishwasher cleaning. Simply toss in the dishwasher when you ‘re done, and get back to the barbecue party.

Step Up Your Grilling Game With Burger Press Pro®!

We think burgers are a beautiful thing. Impress your pals and create delicious mouthwatering beef patties stuffed with your favorite fillings.

Our non-stick burger press molds your patties to the shape and thickness for even grilling and tender, juicy results every time.

We’re passionate about food and designing cooking products and grill accessories that bring out the inner chef in you.

√ ADD: Add ground meat of choice to the large patty mould. Make a well using the indent press.

√ FILL: Fill with your favorite toppings such as onions, cheese, chillies, pickles, beans and more.

√ COVER: Cover toppings with more ground meat to seal filling.

√ PRESS: Press into shape using the large press. Remove any excess and release.

For best results, spray cooking spray onto press parts before use, and use patty papers for easy transfer to grill or freezer 

Meet Your (Burger) Maker

Nothing will give you the burger blues like a misshapen patty that you can’t cook evenly, add toppings to or place in a bun without bulging out. Now you can get your burger technique down with this essential grilling tool. No self respecting burger connoisseur should be without one.

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