ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream


Do You Know Low Estrogen Causes Flat Buttocks?

Estrogen is the one that is responsible for everything that has to do with a woman’s femininity –  It’s the one that signals how big your breasts and butt.

ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream

Phytoestrogens and Herbs –
The Saviors of Flat Buttocks!

ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream

Phytoestrogens are plant based Estrogens that occur naturally in plants. With similar chemical structure to the main female hormones, which is crucial for booty and breast growth because It is the main hormone that’s responsible for a woman’s curves. This mimics the Estrogen that the body needs in order to signal your body to produce more fats ONLY on your buttocks and breasts so as to emphasize your curves.

That is Why We Created Biancat™ ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream..

Formulated with three main herbal plants that contain a bevy of potent phytoestrogens like Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto and Maca root to mimic the effects of Estrogen because of their strong phytoestrogen content benefits muscle-boosting and hormone-balancing.
ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream

According to Dr. Michelle Mostrom, Author of Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology combining these highly-phytoestrogens-content ingredients will help boosting the enhancement of buttocks with consistent use.


Consists of three powerful natural ingredients with high phytoestrogen content


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Saw Palmetto mimic the effects of estrogen because of its phytoestrogen content. This hormone is known to increase breast and butt size, especially in puberty and pregnancy. Adding saw Palmetto as ingredients can spike up the estrogen levels in your body – therefore resulting in bigger butt and breasts.

Maca Root

ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream

Maca Roots highly contains phytoestrogen, it also lots of potent content that are essential when you desire to construct your muscles and form those beautiful curves. The gluteus maximus, or glutes, is the largest muscle in your body, responsible for a healthy posture “Consuming Maca Root and combining it with other natural ingredients rich in phytoestrogen, you’ll get results of a bigger butt and more toned body” says Dr. Concetta Perri National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).

Other Natural Ingredients: Africana fruit extract, Hamamelis virginiana extract. Spirulina extract

Why Biancat™ ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream is your best choice in Butt Enhancement

  • Enhance your butt 2 to 3 inches
  • Improve your tone and curves
  • Lift Up & Firming Buttocks
  • Contains 5x of phytoestrogens that other in the market
  • Moisturize and Hydrates Skin
  • Eliminate Cellulites
  • Notice results within 1-2 months
  • No weight gain in other areas
  • No side effects


  • Net Wt: 40g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream

ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream


How to Use

  1. Use a small amount of Biancat™ ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream and apply to the target area twice per day.
  2. Massage it thoroughly and gently until absorbed.

ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream

ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream
ButtMax Enhancement Butt Cream
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