Car door metal anti-collision strip (4 pcs)


Car door metal anti-collision strip (4 pcs)

Car door metal anti-collision strip (4 pcs)

These door edge guards will protect your vehicle from nicks, chips & scratches.. Especially in car parks where your car is parked very close to the car in the next bay, protects your car door edge from scratches and abrasion.

  • Thicker design, non-marking adhesive, covering scratches
  • With it, you will never be afraid of scratching, and the thickened protection will prevent the paint from scratching even if you touch it.
  • Protection for the bumper corner, avoid scratch the car.
  • These goods also can be installed in the front and rear of the car bumper.
  • Elegant and dynamic design, Three colors available, match well with all kind of car.
  • It’s small but has a big function, protects and decorate your car, meanwhile for car safety driving conditions.


  • They are U channel design and fit easily over any door edge.
  • Please only fix it on clean, dry surface with no wax or no oil on it.


  • Weight: 100g.
  • Size: 103 x 13mm.
  • Material: ABS + PVC.
  • Color: White/ Black.


  • 1 x Car door metal anti-collision strip (4pcs)