Car Door Warning LED Light

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Car Door Warning LED Light

The Car Door Warning LED Light provides early warning to any car, motorcycle, bike and passerby that is passing through beside your door car.With its high saturated bright colors, it can be easily seen from a distancepreventing potential accidents and collision.This warning light does not need complex installation; Just simply glue or gum it in your door car and you are good to go!


  • High-Quality LED Lights
    When opening the car door, the warning light flashes rapidly giving an improve passerby visibility.

  • Wireless Design
    No need to cut the original car wires, just stick them at the door by the self-gum. It does not affect the door opening, closing.
  • Intelligent Induction Design
    The universal strobe warning light, built-in magnetic sensor, it will start flashing once the car door is opened, close the door the light will turn off automatically. High sensitivity and good stability.
  • Waterproof Design
    Built with a waterproof rubber ring inside for better protection of the main control board.
  • Long Battery Life
    Car Door Warning LED Light use CR2032 button battery, at normal operating condition, battery life expectancy is 720 hours. Screwcap design can replace the battery easily.


  • Color: Red, blue, yellow
  • Material: ABS, magnet
  • Size: about 20mm * 9mm
  • weight: 15 g / piece
  • Battery model: CR2032 button cell included


  • Car Door WarningLED Light
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