Car Music Rhythm Sensor Lamp


Car Music Rhythm Sensor Lamp

Car Music Rhythm Sensor Lamp

When the music is turned on in the car, the cold light lamp will beat the rhythm of the music! Make your car more dynamic! More spiritual!

This product is made of ultra-thin LED cold light sheet, used in 12V car model, energy-saving, environmental protection, longer life! When you.

Easy to use, just plug to 12V DC power and it will produce a beautiful effect. It’s a thin sheet with adhesive tape that can be stuck on the rear windshield or side window.


-Color: As Shown
-Material: PVC
-Size: 90.00X25.00X1.00cm/35.37X9.82X0.39in
-Made by high-quality PVC materials for safe and durable long-time use.
-Flexible, practical, ultra-thin, high-quality music LED strip light.
-Very easy to use, you can use the remote control to change the color.
-It is suitable for lighting up the entire car interior and is available as soon as it is plugged in.
-The color will be changing following the rhythm of your car stereo music rhythm and your voice.

Package included:

• 1 x Car Music Rhythm Sticker
• 1 x Controller With Ribbon Cable
• 1 x Cigar Lighter With Cable