Car reflective wheel warning sign sticker


Car reflective wheel warning sign sticker

Car reflective wheel warning sign sticker

The easy way to customize the look of your car and motorcycle

  • The reflective sticker is made of high-purity epoxy resin, with strong adhesion, no cracking, no fading, no peeling, and waterproof function to make the sticker more durable.
  • Apply to your vehicles (children’s motorcycles, boy and girl bikes, balance bikes, children’s bikes, etc.) to get a customized look and help you feel safer when sharing the road with large vehicles.
    Adopting prism technology to improve the safety of night travel

    Flexible material can be bent with the curvature of the body to fit tightly.

Newly upgraded honeycomb mesh viscose, stronger viscosity, waterproof and sunscreen


Material: high-purity epoxy resin
Size: 9cm 12″ is suitable for 12-14 inch rims.
Quantity: 20 pcs.
Application: Suitable for small car rims, motorcycle rims, bicycle rims.
The package includes: 1 set of reflective rim stickers (20)