Carbon Car Door Sills Stickers( 4PCS )


Carbon Car Door Sills Stickers( 4PCS )

  • High-quality material: 4D carbon fiber black sticker. The door sill guard is made of vinyl film with carbon fiber texture design, waterproof and high temperature resistance. After several tests on high temperature and rainy days, we found that it did not melt and crack. High quality is our pursuit, and we believe in you.

  • Function: The door sill anti-scratch protector is designed to prevent scratches. It covers the existing scratches when loading and unloading the front and rear doors. It has good slip resistance and flexibility. Improve the appearance of the vehicle and make your car look cool!

  • Easy to install: First, wipe clean the target surface without getting any dust or oil, then remove the protective film of the strong tape, and paste it in the correct position, finally peel and paste, and then press firmly with a plastic scraper.

  • Wide application: The door sill protector is suitable for all cars. If you think it is too long, you can cut it freely. It can also be used with heat guns or household hair dryers for shaping, flexible and elastic.

 Customization steps:

1. If you have any special requirements (such as size, logo, style, car modelPlease Make a Remark, All our styles will be customized according to your model).
Note: Customized products need 2-3 days to make, please wait patiently
2. Please contact our customer service for consultation.
3. After confirmation, we will arrange your production and ship the products to you.

Customized customer photo show:


    • Long:60cmx7cm
    • Short:40cmx7cm short
    • If the size is not suitable, you can choose customized models, remark the size you need!
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Carbon Car Door Sills Stickers( 4PCS )
Carbon Car Door Sills Stickers( 4PCS )
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