CARROT PLUSHIE – Enriches Your Dog’s Life

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CARROT PLUSHIE – Enriches Your Dog’s Life

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Carrot Plushie is the perfect gift for your dogs of all sizes, tune in to their curious side by letting them pull and harvest cute carrots from the field.

Carrot Plushie Veterinarian Approved Benefits

Enriches Dog’s Life

Experts say 20 minutes of sniffing is as enriching to dogs as an hour’s walk. The Carrot Plushie offers an excellent form of nose work that delivers the mental and physical exercise our furry friends need to stay sharpactive, and healthy—even indoors.

Builds Confidence and Relationship

The Carrot Plushie offers an enjoyable activity for you and your pet that boosts confidence and connection during play. It increases training and positiveinteractions that keep boredom and loneliness out and fun and happiness in.

Promotes Good Digestion 

The Carrot Plushie encourages slow eating habits that promote good digestion. It lets pups use their natural foraging skills and enjoy hunting for food, which they love, and results in more engagingslowed-down mealtimes.

Why Carrot plushie?  

  • Extra Large for Extra FUN!
  • 1 Plushie = 13 Individual plushies
  • Use to get the dog’s attention and reward obedience
  • Use as a training tool
  • Create an interactive relationship with your dog
  • Easy to clean or wash up
  • Carrots are made of food-grade soft plush material, not hard plastic
  • This is a great way to exercise your dog and give him the satisfaction of hunting and retrieving.
  • Most importantly your dog will LOVE IT


Multiple Pockets

The Carrot Plushie plays right into your pup’s sniffing and tracking instinct. Your fur baby will enjoy nosing into 12 pockets designed to hold toy carrots that once removed can reveal hidden kibble and favorite treats.

Slow Feeding

A puzzle, a training tool, a great game to play together, the Carrot Plushie delivers amazing health benefits. It encourages exercise and doubles as a feeder that helps dogs learn to eat slowly, preventing the risk of bloat and indigestion.


The Carrot Plushie features durable construction using soft quality materials that are neatly sewn, nontoxic, and free of taste and odor. It’s equipped with a non-slip base and is gentle on the nose, great for scent training. 

Carrot Field Pet Plushie is the perfect gift for your paw pal. For dogs and cats of all sizes, so get yours today.

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CARROT PLUSHIE - Enriches Your Dog's Life
CARROT PLUSHIE – Enriches Your Dog’s Life