Cat Corner Self Groomer


Cat Corner Self Groomer

Introducing the ultimate tool for pet pampering!

This Durian-shaped comb is designed to provide your furry friends with an enjoyable massage and grooming experience like no other.

With its curved bristles and soft-ticking massage drops, your pets will be purring in pleasure! Plus, its clever corner design fits perfectly in your cat and dog’s favorite spot, making it the ideal spot to brush, groom, and relax.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Not solely can the durian comb assist to shed the free furs of your cat easily to improve the cat’s circulation and removes the loose hairs to give his coat a healthy shine, it can additionally be used for itching, grooming and massaging, which let the cat experience the comfort of tickling anytime and anywhere barring effort.

ATTRACT CATS WITH CATNIP: Cat Self Groomer consists of a small pouch of catnip, for use in the internal cat corner brush compartment to appeal to the cat to cat face scratchers with the aid of itself. A best softer massager toy for your kitten or puppy, even if you don’t have time to play with them.

SLOW FEED CONCEPT: The slow feed concept is advocated by experts and veterinarians widely.Series of holes, walls, and shaped slow down the eating process and thus, reduce the risk of bloating and choking, which naturally improve digestion by allowing your pets to forage for their food.

EASY TO INSTALL: Right angle pasting method, or side entire pasting method, the Cats Self groomer is suitable for almost any corner, sofa, table, and chair.

So why not treat your pet to the ultimate massage and grooming experience today?
 The Durian-shaped comb will have your furry friends feeling like they’re at the spa!
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Cat Corner Self Groomer
Cat Corner Self Groomer
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