Caviax Caviar Maker Set

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Turn your favorite liquid into spheres that burst with flavor with the Caviax Caviar Maker Set!

Create tiny spheres of flavorful liquids to provide a talking point at the table and to achieve a textural sensation in the mouth of your guests. A spherified ingredient will hold its shape until bitten into, at which point it will release a burst of flavor.

Easily create these spheres of flavor with the Caviax Caviar Maker. Instead of creating a single droplet using a normal syringe, create 96 in the same amount of time with a single push of your finger. Save hours of preparation time and delight your guests with an incredible variety of spherified flavors. The stainless steel Caviax caviar spoon is included in the package.

You will receive a step-by-step guide to create the sensational dishes with your order. The guide is inspired by the works of top chefs and followed by thousands of happy Caviax customers worldwide.


  • Easy spherification of any liquid with the Caviax Caviar Maker Set (stainless steel caviar spoon included)
  • Turn liquids into spheres that burst with flavor
  • Easy to use – saves hours of preparation
  • Restaurant-tested concept and easy cleaning
  • Save 45% on the Caviax set today!
  • Free worldwide shipping and returns

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Caviax Caviar Maker Set