CC™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series



CC™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series

AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series has been extensively researched and tested in clinical trials and has been endorsed by leading healthcare professionals. In a recent study, 85% of participants saw a significant reduction in blood sugar levels within just 3-6 weeks of using AEXZR™. Additionally, participants experienced a decrease in foot inflammation, faster wound recovery, and improved circulation throughout the body. And because AEXZR™ is made with 100% natural, clinically proven ingredients, it is safe and free of any unwanted side effects. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our product that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series today and see the difference for yourself!



CC™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series

“I have tried various ointments for my diabetic foot over the years, none of which have been able to treat and control the ulceration and cracking of the foot. Until the doctor recommended I use AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series, which completely changed all the problems in my legs and eliminated the constant burning and tingling that made it difficult for me to walk or stand. I am so grateful for the relief this product has brought me.”

I’ve tried everything to relieve the pain in my legs and feet, from compression calf sleeves to aromatherapy, but nothing seemed to work. But as soon as I started using this product, I noticed a significant decrease in my nerve pain. It’s such a relief to finally have some relief for my legs and feet! This product is the best thing I’ve tried and I highly recommend it to anyone experiencing similar discomfort.

 “I was absolutely amazed at the dramatic results I saw after wearing the AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series for just three days. My fasting blood sugar dropped from 170mg/dL to a healthy 87mg/dL and I’ve been able to maintain that level ever since. What a blessing to find such an effective and efficient product. I believe these mats are the real deal, and I have no doubt that they can help others achieve similar success in managing their blood sugar levels.”

“I was amazed by the rapid improvement I saw in my fasting sugar levels after just two days of using these fantastic pads. My sugar dropped from 14mmol/L to 9mmol/L, and after a week, it was down to a stunning 6.4mmol/L – well within the goal range set by my doctor of 110-160mg/dL. I couldn’t be happier with these results and I plan on continuing to use these pads to maintain my health and well-being. If you’re struggling with high sugar levels, I highly recommend giving these pads a try – they truly work wonders.”


Millions of people worldwide are affected by diabetes, which is a chronic and serious condition. It is marked by high levels of blood sugar that result from the body’s inability to produce or utilize insulin effectively. This can result in a variety of health complications and long-term harm to the body’s organs and systems, such as heart disease, nerve damage, eye problems, kidney disease, and others.

For those who rely on traditional insulin injections, managing diabetes can be a challenging task. This is because these injections can be inconvenient, painful, and disruptive to daily life. In addition, they require frequent monitoring and adjustment, which can be a time-consuming and stressful process. Thankfully, the AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series provides a solution to these issues.


AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series is designed to work with a unique blend of natural ingredients to help regulate the secretion and absorption of insulin in the body, thereby effectively regulating and lowering blood sugar levels. When the patch is applied to the skin, the active ingredient is gradually released through the skin layers into the bloodstream. The patch is designed to provide a sustained release of active ingredients over a 24-hour period, ensuring the body receives a consistent dose throughout the day.

It works by being placed on the skin and these patches you can trust to deliver insulin through the skin, as you’d get with a shot. It contains a set dose of insulin that is absorbed over a number of hours. This also stimulates the pancreas to release and produce enough amount of insulin to enter the blood vessels, to control sugar levels effectively.

Thermal heat therapy, such as that provided by the AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series, can improve blood circulation by causing the blood vessels to dilate or widen. When heat is applied to the skin, it stimulates the release of nitric oxide, a natural compound that relaxes and widens blood vessels. This process, called vasodilation, increases blood flow to the affected area, including the underlying muscles and tissues.

What the Experts Say About AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series

CC™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series

“AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series has been tested in several clinical trials and has been found to be effective in regulating and lowering blood sugar levels. In one study, patients with type 2 diabetes who used the oil as part of their treatment plan showed significant improvement in their blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. As a healthcare provider, I often recommend AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series to my patients with diabetes. It is a safe and natural alternative to harsh prescription medications and invasive medical procedures and can be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to manage diabetes.” – Dr. Ali Rizvi, Certified in Endocrinology and Internal Medicine.



Research suggests that wormwood may be beneficial for balancing blood sugar and insulin. Additionally, some research suggests that wormwood may prevent the accumulation of lipids in the blood and reduce blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Bamboo Charcoal

It helps control blood sugar levels. It is also effective in controlling blood sugar spikes after consuming a meal. Bamboo Charcoal also supports weight loss. It also controls bad cholesterol levels.

CC™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series
Ginger is packed with pungent and aromatic compounds, including a potent aromatic volatile oil found in ginger oleoresin. This oil stimulates the production of insulin, helping to regulate blood sugar levels. In addition to its insulin-boosting properties, ginger also contains curcumin, a powerful agent that aids in the breakdown of fat cells.


“I was struggling with a sudden outbreak of tiny ulcers on the long toes of both feet, which can be particularly troublesome for someone with Type II Diabetes like myself. Any minor cuts or scrapes can take weeks or even months to fully heal, and I’ve always had dry, damaged skin on my hands, feet, and heels. But I was shocked to see how quickly and effectively this product healed my damaged skin – within just a few days! I’ve tried everything before and nothing has worked as well or as fast. I’m truly grateful to have found something that finally delivers on its promises.”

CC™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series

“I was blown away by the transformative power of the AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series. Within just two weeks, all of the lesions on my feet were completely healed and my heels were soft and smooth with no cracking or calluses. As a Diabetic, it’s almost unheard of to see such rapid and dramatic improvement in the health of my skin. I’ve added these foot pads to my daily diabetic foot and skincare routine and I’m already seeing even more benefits. If you’re struggling with severe or chronic dry, cracking, and calloused skin, I highly recommend giving these foot pads a try. You won’t be disappointed.”

Highlights & Benefits of AEXZR™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series

  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
  • Significant results in less than a week
  • Detoxifies kidney and pancreas
  • Promotes & regulates Insulin
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Cleanses your body of toxins and impurities while toning and shaping your body for a leaner, healthier appearance.
  1. Clean & apply at the bottom of both feet.
  2. Apply before bedtime
  3. Remove the absorbed toxins after 6-8 hrs. Use daily for best results.

Main Ingredients:  Wormwood, Bamboo Vinegar extracts, Ginger extract

  • CC™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series
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CC™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series
CC™ Blood Sugar Health & Wellness Series
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