Ceiling Drywall Positioning Plate

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Ceiling Drywall Positioning Plate

Take the neck ache out of installing plasterboard sheets & ceiling, have the extra lending hand with the Ceiling Drywall Positioning Plate.

This positioning plate allows one person to efficiently boards the ceilingspeeding up the installation by 50% while allowing the fixer to check the board perfectly resulting in accurate alignment.

great support tool for board ceiling installation, maximize your efficiency and eliminate hassle, the perfect gift for every handyman out there!


  • Fast & Easy
    Speeds up boarding a ceiling by 50%.
  • Less manpower
    Simple one-handed motion grab, easy to use, take the neck ache out of holding up plasterboard sheets.
  • Versatile
    It offers a lending hand that allows one person to efficiently board ceilings, high walls, sloped walls, etc.
  • Accurate Alignment
    It allows the fixer to check the board if it’s perfectly aligned before fixing it. built-in hole for precise screwing and nails.
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