Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick


Are you afraid of going out at night?

We all live in a world where anyone could walk down an empty street alone at night without worry. Unfortunately, there are dangers out there especially for women. Walking alone is dangerous for the simple reason that you’re an easier target for criminals. Statistics also show that most crime happens at night.

Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick

Whether you’re a woman walking alone at night, a jogger exploring unfamiliar trails, or a homeowner worried about intruders, eliminate the need to choose between different tools by choosing the ultimate, equipped non-lethal protection.

Stay safe in uncertain times!

Introducing Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick – the perfect fusion of style and self-defense. While it may look like an ordinary lipstick, it conceals a potent electric stun device, ready to empower you in any situation.

Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick

Designed for the modern woman who values both elegance and security, FemPower Stun Lipstick is crafted in a sleek and compact form, making it easy to carry discreetly. The electric stun feature provides a strong yet controlled shock, ensuring your safety is always at your fingertips.


  • 2 IN 1 STYLISH SELF-DEFENSE LIPSTICK: Combines a stunner, flashlight and pain-inducing shocks –  all in a compact 2-ounce design. Respond quickly to a threat with intimidating electric sparks and bright 100-lumen light.Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick
  • MAXIMUM POWER-STOPPING POWER: Featuring a  60,000,000 volt stunner, it is designed to knock attackers to the ground and allow you an easy escape. When activated, it emits a loud, intimidating sound that deters potential attackers.Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick
  • ENSURES COMFORTABLE AND SAFE WALKING AT NIGHT: Equipped with a powerful 100 lumen flashlight,  this lipstick emits a brilliant beam that is visible from a considerable distance. It serves as a versatile and compact flashlight for various situations.
  • Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick
  • RECHARGEABLE & RELIABLE: A rechargeable battery that can be easily recharged. The micro USB charging port allows charging via PC, wall socket or car charger, no need to buy expensive batteries.  The battery stays charged for 60 days unless you use it.
  • Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick
  • What makes Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick the Perfect Choice?

    ✓ High Voltage: Ensures quick incapacitation of attackers.

    ✓ Compact Design: Lightweight and easy to carry with you.

    ✓ Long Battery Life: Durable, ensuring continuous performance.

    ✓ Fast Charging: Reduces wait time, always ready for use.

    ✓ Robust Materials: Durable, adaptable to various environmental conditions.

    ✓ Simple Operation: User-friendly, quick to learn.

    ✓ Concealability: Lipstick design is easy to conceal and less likely to be noticed.

    ✓ LED Function: May come equipped with an LED light, increasing convenience for nighttime use.


Open voltage output: 60,000,000+  volts

Product weight: 2 ounces

Package Includes: 1 x Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick

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Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick
Ceoerty™ FemPower Electric Stun Lipstick
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