Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch


Experience the power of nature’s remedy with Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch – your ultimate solution for gynecomastia relief. Get yours now and embrace the freedom to live your life without compromise! Let’s take a look at what our happy customers are saying.

“I have only been using this Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch for about a couple of months and already I am seeing results! My chest has improved from before, it is firmer and my skin is so tight. The product will bring a warm effect  on your body. I would definitely recommend this product!” – Fred Pinch, Mission, KS

Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch

“For months of using this Ceoerty™ Compress Patch, it really helps burn the fats on my chest and makes it firmer unlike before. I highly recommend this product for those who have gynecomastia like me. This is a miracle product! You will feel more confident about yourself.” – Andrew Brady, Stockton, CA

What is Gynecomastia and its causes? Let’s take a look.

Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch

Gynecomastia is a condition of overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in men or boys. The breasts become larger and can affect one or both breasts, sometimes they may grow unevenly. Men and boys with gynecomastia sometimes have pain in their breasts and may feel embarrassed. Occasionally, an overly large male chest can be worsened by being overweight or obese.

Our Key Solution to Eliminate Gynecomastia – Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch

Our Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch offers a simple and effective solution to address your gynecomastia concerns. Through its heat-trapping properties, this patch provides users with multidirectional chest compression and acupressure stimulation. It effectively promotes blood and lymph circulation in the body, leading to the treatment of Gynecomastia, reduction of fluid retention, and diminishing cellulite.

Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch

Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch aims to diminish the visibility of gynecomastia and alleviate discomfort in the chest region. The compression on patch functions by flattening the breast tissue, diminishing swelling, and alleviating tenderness. Additionally, it aids in enhancing posture while providing support to the back and abdominal muscles. Crafted from a breathable and stretchable non-woven fabric, the patch offers a comfortable and adhesive experience while allowing unrestricted movement. It incorporates a compressive layer that aids in toning and strengthening the chest muscles.

Consists of Powerful Key Ingredients for Gynecomastia Reduction:

Turmeric Powder – The inclusion of curcumin, which possesses anti-inflammatory properties, in the patch helps alleviate swelling and inflammation associated with gynecomastia. Furthermore, curcumin aids in weight loss and supports the management of the metabolic system.

Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch

Black Pepper Powder – Black pepper is abundant in phytonutrients, which play a crucial role in the breakdown of surplus fat and enhancing the body’s metabolism.

Vitex Powder – Derived from the Vitex agnus-castus plant, it helps balance hormone levels by regulating estrogen and testosterone, aiding in the management of gynecomastia.

Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch

Dried Cleavers Plant – Supports lymphatic system health, promoting the removal of toxins and waste from the body, potentially reducing fluid retention and swelling related to gynecomastia.

What Makes The Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch Your GREAT CHOICE?

✔️ Offer visible result

✔️ Effective reduction of gynecomastia

✔️ Utilizes natural ingredients

✔️ Non-surgical & pain-free solution

✔️ Reduce the swelling & reduce the breast size

✔️ Turns excess fats into muscle mass for chest muscle toning

✔️ Comfortable & breathable non-woven fabric

✔️ Provides support & improves posture

✔️ Easy to apply & remove


Material: Non-woven Fabric

Quantity: 12pcs/Box

Ingredient: Turmeric Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Vitex Powder & Dried Cleavers Plant

Package Includes: 1 x Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch

How To Use:

  1. Clean and dry the chest area before application.
  2. Peel off the protective backing and apply the patch firmly onto the desired area of the chest.
  3. Leave the patch on for approximately 2 hours, as recommended.
  4. For optimal results, use the patches 6x a week.
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Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch
Ceoerty™ GynoCare TurmeMAX Compress Patch
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