Ceoerty™ ProDefender Tactical Stun Pen


Stay empowered and prepared with Ceoerty™ ProDefender Tactical Stun Pen! Let’s hear our customers’ testimonies about our product.

“This Ceoerty™ ProDefender Stun Pen is my go-to EDC now. It’s like having a superhero’s tool in my pocket. The sleek design makes it perfect for daily use, but the added stun feature? That’s next-level. It gives me a sense of security, especially in the city. Made with such toughness that I highly recommend it to my fellow ladies!” – Corina Hixson, Texas

“This stun pen is a game-changer! Ceoerty™ ProDefender feels solid and packs a punch. The stun function is discreet yet powerful, making me feel empowered. In a world where safety matters, this tactical pen is my everyday hero. Stylish, strong, and ready for anything!” – Vera Jackson, New York

Are you afraid of walking at night, especially by yourself?

Ideally, we all live in a world where anyone could walk down an empty street alone at night without worry. Unfortunately, there are dangers out there for both men and women. Walking alone is dangerous for the simple reason that you’re an easier target for criminals. Furthermore, statistics show that most crime happens at night. So, walking alone at night is always going to be more dangerous than either walking with a group at night or walking by yourself during the day.

So always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert. What else can help? Carrying one or more personal safety devices and following some reliable strategies for when you—or a loved one—is out and about.

ENSURE SAFETY AT UNCERTAIN TIMES! Introducing – Ceoerty™ ProDefender Tactical Stun Pen

A discreet yet powerful self-defense tool designed for your safety. This high-performance stun pen combines the functionality of a professional writing instrument with the added security of a stun device.

Crafted with precision, this stun pen features a sleek design that conceals its true capabilities. With a quick and easy activation mechanism, it transforms into a formidable stun weapon, providing you with a reliable means of self-defense in any situation.

Whether you’re navigating city streets or traveling alone, the Ceoerty™ ProDefender Tactical Stun Pen is your silent guardian, offering peace of mind and protection in the palm of your hand.

The Science of Electric Shock – A High-Performance Technology Analysis for Ceoerty™ ProDefender:

  1. The Power of Electric Shock
The operation of a stun device is based on an electrical principle. When the internal battery or power source is activated, it releases a high-voltage current. This current flows towards the target through two electrodes, causing temporary muscle spasms and paralysis, rendering the target temporarily incapacitated. The exceptionally high voltage, especially in the millions of volts, ensures effective contact with the target even through heavy clothing.
  1. Precision and High Performance
Ceoerty™ ProDefender is not just a stun device. It boasts a longer battery life, faster charging capabilities, and stability during continuous use. Its design is intended to ensure users receive reliable and consistent performance output in emergency situations.
  1. Tactical Pen Design
As a stun pen, its compact and lightweight design makes it highly portable. In addition to basic stun capabilities, this pen features other tactical tools or functions, such as a window breaker or LED flashlight, providing users with additional assistance in various emergency scenarios.

More reviews from our happy & secured customers:

“Ceoerty™ ProDefender Tactical Stun Pen is a real winner. As a woman who values self-defense, this pen ticks all the boxes. It’s well-built and the stun feature is a genius addition. I feel safer knowing I have this by my side. A must-have for anyone who believes in being prepared.” – Jane Loftis

“I’m all about safety and Ceoerty™ ProDefender Stun Pen is my latest find. It’s not just a pen; it’s a guardian in my purse. And if I ever need it, the stun feature is there. Perfect for women like me who value self-reliance and style. ProDefender is my new trusted sidekick.” – Amber Mettler

What does Ceoerty™ ProDefender Tactical Stun Pen offers for a Supercharged Security?

✓ High Voltage: Ensures quick incapacitation of attackers.

✓ Compact Design: Lightweight and easy to carry with you.

✓ Versatility: Not just a stun device; may also have other tactical tools.

✓ Long Battery Life: Durable, ensuring continuous performance.

✓ Fast Charging: Reduces wait time, always ready for use.

✓ Safety Features: Designed to prevent accidental activation.

✓ Robust Materials: Durable, adaptable to various environmental conditions.

✓ Simple Operation: User-friendly, quick to learn.

✓ Concealability: Pen-shaped design is easy to conceal and less likely to be noticed.

✓ LED Function: May come equipped with an LED light, increasing convenience for nighttime use.

Product Details:

  • Weight: 47.8g
  • Dimensions: 16*170mm
  • Material: Metal
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Pink, Black, Silver,white
  • Features: LED Light, Anti-electric shock
  • Charger: USB
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Ceoerty™ ProDefender Tactical Stun Pen
Ceoerty™ ProDefender Tactical Stun Pen
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