ChicBind™ Lash Bond & Liner


ChicBind™ – Where Elegance Meets Efficiency

“ChicBind™ has redefined my beauty routine. The super fine tip makes application a breeze, and the strong adhesive ensures my lashes stay flawless for the entire day. It’s a time-saving solution that adds precision and perfection to my everyday look.” – Mia G.

“The smooth liner and the adhesive combination make it foolproof. No more struggling with clumpy lashes or uneven lines. It’s a must-have for anyone looking for a quick and polished look.” – Nabbie M.

Welcome to a new era of easy, mess-free lash application!

Are you tired of messy clumps and the hassle of using separate eyeliner and lash adhesives? Introducing ChicBind™ Lash Bond & Liner – a revolutionary solution designed to streamline your beauty ritual, leaving you with a clean and effortless experience.

ChicBind™ Lash Bond & Liner is not just a product; it’s a beauty revolution. This innovative solution combines high-quality eyeliner with a reliable lash adhesive, all in one sleek package. It’s here to save you time and effort, ensuring a polished and efficient beauty routine.

Why people love ChicBind™ Lash Bond & Liner?

Eyeliner + Adhesive: Save so much time and effort with this beautifully designed multi-functional self-adhesive, glue-free eyeliner that replaces eyelash glue and magnetic eyeliner.

Easy Precision: Apply eyeliner easily and perfectly with its super fine brush tip.

Strong Adhesive for up to 12 hours: False lashes will firmly stick to the liner and stay on all day for up to 12 hours. No magnetism or glue is needed!

Mess-Free Application: The liner is waterproof, smudge-proof, and quick-drying making drawing eyeliner and applying falsies a mess and hassle-free experience!

For Any Kind of Eyelashes: Line-N-Lash works on any eyelashes such as mink, faux mink, silk fiber, synthetic, and even magnetic eyelashes. Make sure to shake the eyeliner before using it.

Rave Reviews: Discover What Users Are Saying!

“The combination of eyeliner and lash adhesive is genius. The super-fine tip ensures a delicate application, and the adhesive holds up even during my busiest days. ChicBind™ is my secret weapon for effortlessly chic eyes.” – Gina S.

“I never thought a beauty product could make such a difference until I tried ChicBind. The eyeliner glides on like silk, and the adhesive keeps my lashes in place without any discomfort. It’s a luxurious experience with results that speak for themselves. ChicBind, you’ve won my heart!” – Patricia L.



ChicBind™ Lash Bond & Liner x 1/25/5/10pcs

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ChicBind™ Lash Bond & Liner
ChicBind™ Lash Bond & Liner
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