Classic Rideable Electric Train Toys with Tracks


Classic Rideable Electric Train Toys with Tracks

Classic Rideable Electric Train Toys with Tracks


Recommended age: 3+
Applicable gender: Unisex
Track Size: 28*24*13 CM
Battery(not included):
Music Car needs 3*AA batteries
The steering wheel needs 2*AA batteries
Load-bearing: Electric Model-60kg/ Sliding Model-100kg

Material: High-quality ABS, which is safe, non-toxic, and tasteless.


– The distance on flat ground is 6.3 meters, the running time is 18.5 seconds, and the speed is 0.34 meters per second.
– The orbit is circular, with a diameter of 2 meters, a running time of 20 seconds, and speed of 0.314 meters per second.
Style: Music Car (Seat-able)/ Sliding ModelElectric ModelStandard Model (Electric Train + 16 Tracks)/ Upgraded Model (Electric Train + 16 Tracks + Tow Box)/ Deluxe Model (Electric Train + 16 Straight Track + Trailer Box + 16 Curved Track)


  • One Button electric driving;
  • Push and pull hard, the baby can drive by himself
  • Rechargeable small train, no need for people to start electric driving;
  • Retractable foot pedals, so that your baby’s feet don’t have to touch the ground during driving