CleanLet Dish Washing Scraper

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CleanLet Dish Washing Scraper

Effortlessly clean tough stain on cookware!

The CleanLet Dish Washing Scraper is designed for assist cleaning duty in kitchen. It is an ideal tool for cleaning tough, baked-on food out of your cast iron.

Non-sticky material helps you remove grease or dried stain on pan easily. Curve edge and soft head protect all kind of cookware surface without leaving any mark.


  • Remove All Stains & Residue
    Simply scrap to remove tough stain, grease or dried residue on cookware.
  • Hook Design
    Easily hang on anywhere.
  • Mess-Free Cleaning
    Effortlessly clean before putting dishes into the washing machine.
  • Soft Silicone Head
    Protect all kind of cookware surface without leaving any mark.
  • Curve Edge
    Assorted angles get into all nooks and crannies.
  • Multi Purpose
    Except applying on cleaning cookware, it’s also great for scraping kitchen counters and even stainless steel surface.


Color: White, Yellow
Size: 15.5cm x 6.5cm
Weight: 50g
Materials: TPE, PP

Package Included

1 x CleanLet Dish Washing Scraper or
1 x White + 1 x Yellow CleanLet Dish WashingScraper

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CleanLet Dish Washing Scraper
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