CogniBoost Insoles – Your Magnetic Therapy Insoles


CogniBoost Insoles - Your Magnetic Therapy Insoles

Unlock Your Brain’s Maximum Potential with CogniBoost Insoles

After being inspired by Kelvin and Sarah’s experiences, you might be wondering about the specifics of CognicBoost Insoles can truly make a difference. Delve into the science that underpins this remarkable solution and discover how it works to enhance your well-being.
Experience enhanced brain power and clarity with our advanced medical-grade magnetic technology. Our precision targeting system stimulates neuro-regeneration and sparks the growth of new neural connections, giving you unprecedented mental performance.

Secret to Unlocking Your Full Cognitive Potential

Introducing CogniBoost Insoles – the secret to unlocking your full cognitive potential. Designed with strategically placed magnetic elements, these insoles activate crucial acupoints throughout your body, increasing blood flow and stimulating the development of fresh nerve cells. Not only do they provide exceptional comfort, but they also deliver revitalizing effects that have earned a remarkable 97% customer satisfaction rate.
Don’t settle for ordinary. Elevate your brain productivity and embrace the extraordinary with CogniBoost Insoles.
CogniBoost Insoles - Your Magnetic Therapy Insoles

Unlocking Potential with Magnetic Therapy

Introducing our revolutionary CogniBoost Insoles, expertly engineered with an innovative design and scientifically-backed Neodymium (NdFeB) Magnets. These magnets possess extraordinary acupoint stimulation abilities, ensuring unimpeded blood flow for optimal circulation. By promoting unrestricted blood flow to the brain, our insoles actively support the development of brain cells and neurons.

We’re not just claiming its effectiveness; Dr. Hyman also attests to it. Let’s listen to what he has to share.

Dr. Mark Hyman, Co-Medical Director at Canyon Ranch (Retreat Property)

“I’m absolutely blown away by the thorough testing and scientific evidence that supports these insoles. The combination of rare earth magnets and acupoint therapy is simply mind-blowing. After wearing them for just two weeks, I noticed a boost in energy and improved concentration. I was so intrigued that I shared them with 50 of my patients, and unbelievably, 48 of them experienced noticeable improvements in just three weeks. This innovation is a major leap forward in our quest for overall well-being. It’s truly promising!”

Get ready to experience a transformative boost in cognitive function, with every step you take.


– Regeneration of brain cells

– Improved memory and cognitive health

– Alleviate the symptoms of dementia

– Promote of a feeling energy

– Enhances focus

– Relieve tension and discomfort brought on by headaches

– Soft and comfortable material used

CogniBoost Insoles - Your Magnetic Therapy Insoles

Package Includes: 1 x CogniBoost Insoles – Your Magnetic Therapy Insoles

How To Use

  • Place the insoles on your shoes
  • Wear your hoes as usual
  • Use the insoles daily

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CogniBoost Insoles - Your Magnetic Therapy Insoles

CogniBoost Insoles - Your Magnetic Therapy Insoles

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CogniBoost Insoles – Your Magnetic Therapy Insoles
CogniBoost Insoles – Your Magnetic Therapy Insoles
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