Constructive Eating


Constructive Eating

Promote Healthy Eating: This fun way to plan children’s meals allows parents to visually understand food groups and easily plan balanced meals, while encouraging healthy portion control.

Encourage the child’s independence: This fun tableware encourages the child to be more active and independent during mealtimes.

It stimulates their imagination while creating a positive connection with the kinesthetic development of food and utensil use.

Designed for Child Safety: This set is also designed for child safety. This includes soft handles, ideal for small hands, that can bend but don’t break and create a choking hazard. It is made of bisphenol a-free plastic.

Easy to maintain and store: can be washed in the dishwasher. And these sets are rectangular and stackable, so they take up less space in the cabinet.


Material: Soft Rubber PP+TPE Food Grade

Package Includes: 3 Forks or 1 Plate or 3 Forks, 1 Plate.

Package Weight:

Forks 123g(24.5*15.5cm), Plate 195g(25*25cm)

🎁It’s the perfect gift for friends and family!

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Constructive Eating
Constructive Eating
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