Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone


Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone

Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone

Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone incorporates the latest cell division technology from the University of California, Berkeley. It is designed as a system to stimulate root growth, activate chlorophyll synthesis, and promote flower budding. Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone aims to meet the diverse needs of plants by creating a biodynamic and healthy ecosystem, providing enhanced organic benefits, and ensuring natural growth promotion for your plants.

This is the reason we created Coolord™ – the key solution for healthy plant growth.

Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone
humic acid:Fulvic acid forms organic colloids by binding with soil particles, improving soil structure, enhancing permeability, water retention, and nutrient retention. It also provides essential nutrients for plants, regulates soil pH, promotes microbial activity, thereby strengthening soil resistance to adversity. This helps plants adapt better to environmental changes and stresses such as drought and salinity.Shrimp and crab shell extract: The action of chitosan and other active ingredients not only activates the plant’s immune system, enhancing its resistance to pathogens, but also inhibits some soilborne pathogens, helping reduce the occurrence of soilborne diseases.

Chelation of trace elements with amino acids:Chelation of trace elements with amino acids not only serves as a promoter for plant growth but also actively contributes to the metabolic processes of plants, effectively enhancing their growth and development.

Fish mint extract:Fish mint extract contains rich antioxidants, such as anthocyanins and polyphenolic compounds. This not only helps plants resist oxidative stress and protects cells from free radical damage but also some components may promote plant growth and development, enhancing both yield and quality.

Negative ion powder:Negative ions are believed to have multiple benefits, including promoting plant growth, enhancing photosynthetic efficiency, improving plant health, and increasing nutrient absorption. They contribute to boosting plant biomass, yield, and stress resistance.

Banana peel extract:Banana peel extract offers multiple advantages, including being rich in essential nutrients (such as potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, etc.), providing organic matter to improve soil structure, containing natural hormones to promote plant growth, enhancing resistance to stress, and increasing soil moisture retention. The combined effects contribute to the healthy growth of plants.

Plant antifreeze agent:Plant antifreeze agents, including antifreeze proteins and dehydrins, play a crucial protective role under low-temperature conditions. They enhance plant tolerance to low temperatures by maintaining protein structural stability and cellular water balance. This provides effective protection for plant survival and normal growth in cold environments.

Multiple vitamins:A variety of vitamins play a synergistic role in plant growth, including promoting development, enhancing antioxidant capacity, maintaining cell health, and participating in nutrient metabolism, providing comprehensive support for the overall health and vitality of plants.

Volatile oils:The volatile oils in plants, such as orange peel oil and eucalyptus oil, exhibit significant insect-repelling effects due to their potent volatility and unique fragrance. These volatile oils not only effectively repel pests but also provide a natural protective mechanism for plants, helping alleviate the adverse effects of insect damage.

What can Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone do for your plants?
Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone

1.Revival from yellowing

Under the miraculous influence of Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone, once dull, yellowed, and withered plants are now bursting with vitality. This revolutionary product provides plants with comprehensive nutrients, prompting them to recover from a weakened state. Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone is not just a plant growth hormone; it’s a testament to life, bringing a miracle of rebirth to your plants and allowing them to once again display vibrant vitality.

2.Stunted Seedling Growth

Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone helps seedlings overcome the challenge of growth stagnation, as its unique formula infuses them with rich nutrients and growth hormones, awakening dormant vitality. It is not just a plant care product but also a guardian of ecological balance, allowing seedlings to thrive and grow vigorously under the nurturing care of Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone.

3.Recovery from root rotIn the dilemma of root rot, Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone demonstrates remarkable repair capabilities. Its unique plant protection formula not only quickly halts further decay of the roots but also restores the affected root system. Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone penetrates deep into the plant roots, providing essential nutrients and repair components, helping plants emerge from the shadow of root rot. With Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone, I personally experienced the miracle of plants regaining vitality from a state of decline, ensuring their health and well-being.

4.Prevent Pest Infestation

To effectively prevent plants from being invaded by pests, choosing Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone Plant Protection Arsenal is an efficient and reliable method. Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone contains volatile oil components, which, when used, quickly release through their volatile characteristics, forming a protective barrier to effectively prevent pest infiltration. Volatile oils not only act as a deterrent to common pests but also protect plants from the harm caused by pests.

What makes Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone the best choice?

Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone

✔ Promotes plant photosynthesis

✓ Enhances fertilizer effectiveness

✓ Improves crop quality

✓ Increases chlorophyll content

✓ Aids pollination and fruit setting

✓ Enhances soil microbial activity

✓ Enhances metabolic functions, improves stress resistance. Augments resistance to adversity (high temperature, low humidity, drought, plant pests and diseases, frost, floods).

Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone

How to Use

Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone

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Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone
Coolord™ HyperGrowth-Pro Plant Growth Hormone
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