CraftFix+ 3D Decor Dessert Extruder

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CraftFix+ 3D Decor Dessert Extruder


Dive right into cake decorating game…

Turn a simple cake into a masterpiece worthy of attention with CraftFix+ 3D Dessert Extruder!

Enjoy Cake Decorating Without The Hassle!

Designed for working with many different mediums, this pump-action, easy grip tool releases dough or frosting with just a squeeze. It’s really comfortable to hold and only needs a slight squeeze to dispense a steady flow of icing.

How To Use

  1. Choose your desired disc and place it onto the end cap
  2. Fill the gun with sugarpaste and knead a small amount of petal base into it
  3. Push the plunger down until the paste is at the bottom of the barrel
  4. De-press the lever gently and watch the icing come out in desired pattern.
CraftFix+ 3D Decor Dessert Extruder

Variety of Shapes To Decorate Your Cakes

It features different discs that can be inserted easily onto the gun so you can pick from a variety of shapes to create, ropes, hair, fur, grass, ribbons and many other shapes out of flower paste, modelling paste and marzipan.

CraftFix+ 3D Decor Dessert Extruder

For PROs and Beginners

This handy cake decorating gun is a “must have” for anyone decorating cakes. This is great for figure modelling and decorating novelty cakes even if you are a beginner or a pro.

Realistic 3D cake decor made easy with CraftFix+ 3D Decor Dessert Extruder!

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