Crystal Resin Coaster DIY Kit

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Crystal Resin Coaster DIY Kit

Make your own crystal resin coaster.

Practice your craftsmanship and creativity while being able to complete your dining table’s set of coasters. Create your own elegant coasters using the Crystal Resin Coaster DIY Kit!

The Crystal Resin Coaster DIY Kit helps you create a unique style that is easy to de-mould to give you a perfect result. These moulds are made of high-quality silicone material that makes them tear-resistant, durable, and reusable so you can create as many coasters as you like!


  • Unique Styles:
    Mould has an irregular and unique shape that allows you to create your very own unique designs on every coaster that you make.
  • Elegant:
    The crystal gel in different colours gives a crystalized finish that makes your coaster look elegant and expensive.
  • Easy to De-mold:
    Remove your craft from the mould easily and effortlessly without breaking it.
  • Tear Resistant:
    Made of soft and flexible silicone that allows bends without breaking because of the hardened coaster.
  • No UV Lamp Needed:
    Dry it with your normal hairdryer.
  • Wide Applicable:
    Can be used to hold snacks and even a nail polish mixing plate.
  • Durable and Reusable:
    High-quality silicone makes the mould durable and allows you to reuse them as many times as you need and create as many coasters as you like!



  • Material: Silicone
  • Size:
    • Mold: 13cm x 13cm
    • Colour ink: 10ml Each
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