Cuysx Knoix Magnetherapy Earrings


The effect of magnetic earrings

In general, magnetic earrings prove to be highly effective in achieving various desired results. When these magnetic earrings come into contact with the earlobe, they have the remarkable ability to stimulate specific acupuncture points. This stimulation not only enhances the appearance of facial lines but also has a positive impact on the overall well-being of the individual.

Cuysx Knoix Magnetherapy Earrings

At the La Clées Research Institute in Switzerland, they found that natural magnets release a magnetic field of 60 microtesla, which has a great impact on the texture of the skin surface and the direction of muscles. Therefore, the R&D team placed the magnet on the body of the earring. When the magnetic force of the magnet acts on the acupuncture points around the ear, it can activate the loose muscle fiber cells, exercise the facial muscles, and improve the facial lines.

Magnetic earrings have gained recognition for their ability to promote blood circulation, particularly in the facial region. These earrings generate a magnetic field that facilitates the improved flow of blood throughout the body. As a result, essential nutrients and oxygen are efficiently transported to the skin cells, contributing to a vibrant and healthy complexion. Moreover, the enhanced blood circulation can have a positive impact on common aesthetic concerns such as dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. By encouraging better blood flow, magnetic earrings can assist in reducing the appearance of these under-eye issues, giving the face a more refreshed and rejuvenated look.

Cuysx Knoix Magnetherapy Earrings

Using magnetic earrings to lose weight is based on the concept of magnetic therapy. The magnetic fields generated by these earrings interact with the charged particles present in the lymph fluid, creating gentle movements and vibrations. By using these earrings for magnetic lymphatic drainage, it is able to help remove waste from the body. By enhancing lymphatic circulation, the earrings help effectively eliminate toxins and metabolic by-products, thereby supporting overall detoxification and aiding in weight loss. Magnetic lymphatic drainage can effectively reduce fluid retention.

In conclusion, magnetic earrings offer a wide range of benefits. From stimulating acupuncture points to improving facial lines, boosting metabolism, enhancing blood circulation, and reducing fluid retention, they provide a holistic approach to improving both appearance and overall wellness.

Cuysx Knoix Magnetherapy Earrings

According to the National Institutes of Health, magnetic therapy has emerged as an effective long-term solution for the majority of clinically severely obese patients, complementing surgical interventions and other treatment options. In addition to diet planning, magnetic therapy has demonstrated positive outcomes in managing and sustaining weight loss in these individuals.


Package Includes: 1 x Cuysx Knoix Magnetherapy Earrings

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Germanium Stone
  • Color: Gold
  • Weight:20gCuysx Knoix Magnetherapy Earrings
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Cuysx Knoix Magnetherapy Earrings
Cuysx Knoix Magnetherapy Earrings
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