DaBreeze Car Solar Energy Scent Diffuser


DaBreeze Car Solar Energy Scent Diffuser
Enjoy fresher air in the car for your every ride! 
Powered by solar energy, DaBreeze will rotate automatically once coming into contact with sunlight for an accelerated scent diffusing. 
With an enhanced scent engineering system, DaBreeze effectively distribute the scented essential oil in high speed, gracing your car with the all natural fragrant in seconds! 
DaBreeze natural scents are formulated to neutralize any unwanted odors, taking your everyday driving experience up a notch! 
DaBreeze is designed to give you a lasting aromatic atmosphere by infusing perfumed essence onto a beechwood tablet. With a higher density, beechwood table captures the scent for a lasting diffuse! 
DaBreeze is created with premium alloy materials, perfect to endure any temperature from -60 °C to 100°C! 
DaBreeze comes with three different scents, formulated with alcohol-free natural extract! Our scenes are perfectly safe for people of all ages! 
  • Weight: 300g
  • Dimensions: 45*80mm
  • Colors: Black, Red, Silver
  • Materials: Premium Zinc Alloy
  • Scents: Blue Sea, Floral Spring, Classic Cologne
  • 1* DaBreeze Car Solar Energy Scent Diffuser
  • 1* Scented Essential Oil