Dansons Heating Massage Scarf


Dansons Heating Massage Scarf


  • 3 temperatures intelligent heating mode
  • 4 massage vibration modes
  • Safe on skin and machine washable
  • High quality, soft, and breathable material

The Dansons Heating Massage Scarf is for anyone who wants to warm up during the cold winter days, be cozy indoors or around others, or relax after a long day. Warm-up your neck and even get a massage wherever you are!

Dansons Heating Massage Scarf

Keep it around your neck while you’re outside and watch as its 3 temperature intelligent heating technology keeps you at just the right temperature without overheating. Mix up your winter wardrobe with the versatility of wearing the scarf as a coat accessory or wrapping it around your waist or shoulders. You can even give yourself a neck massage by switching on 4 different massage vibration modes – each one will soothe away any pain simply by applying gentle vibrations directly where they are needed most.

For an added bonus – our high-quality material also makes this product 100% machine washable


  • Material: polyester fiber.
  • Size: 80*10cm/31.5*3.94in.
  • USB output voltage: 5V.
  • Product power: 6W.
  • Heating mode: low temperature 35℃/medium temperature 45℃/high temperature 55℃.

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