DazzlingHorse Hoof Glitter Polish

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DazzlingHorse Hoof Glitter Polish

DazzlingHorse Hoof Glitter Polish

Make hooves dance dazzling shine! 

Dazzling shine hooves with DazzlingHorse Hoof GlitterPolish

Be Your Equine Grooming Designer 

Customize color effects: You can create your own color combination artistically for the result you preferred!

Long-lasting shine: DazzlingHorse Hoof Glitter Polish provides your champion with long-lasting shine, Dries Quickly, and Repels Dirt at the same time! However, it is easy to remove or change the color! Simply wash with soap water or gentle makeup remover!

Easy & Convenient To Use

DazzlingHorseHoof Glitter Polish is formulated by a team of pet groomers, made with 100% animal safe ingredients. Have no side effects on the hooves after treatment. Comes in 9 stunning vivid colors! Made infinite possible combinations!


1. Wash and clean the hooves of your champion before applying Dazzling Horse Hoof Glitter Polish

2. Polish over your champion’s hooves using the mixture. 

3. Let polish sit for 5 minutes.


Admire your champion’s sparkly hooves and show her off at a show or gymkhana!

Get Dazzling Horse Hoof Glitter Polish today for a wonderful makeover for your equine!

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Colors: Silver, Gold, Pink, Purple, Red, Iridescent Frost, Copper Gel, Royal Blue, Turquoise

Net Content: 35g

Package Inclusion/s: 1pc.Dazzling Horse Hoof Glitter Polish

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