DermaGlow Pigment Erasing Cream

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DermaGlow Pigment Erasing Cream


Eliminate Unwanted Pigments Within Days.

Got some regretful tattoo and undesirable freckles on your body? Now you could change your mind with DermaGlow Pigment Erasing Cream.

DermaGlow Skin Pigment Erasing Cream is the best solution if you ever regret your tattoo choice. Removes unwanted pigments like tattoo, blemish, freckles in a few days perfectly. Repair imperfections accurately as we only break down the unwanted pigments without hurting other skin cellsPain- and scar-free so you need not to experience the massive pain you had when you got tattoos. Also moisturizes skin right after removal, keeping it glowyNo need to go to skin clinic anymore!


  • Thorough Removal:
    Removes pigments in your skin by breaking them down in smaller molecules, speeding up the cell replacement and flush out the tattoo pigments quickly through your body metabolism without hurting other skin cells, eliminating them from top to root.

  • Visible Result In Days:
    With a fast-acting formulation, you can enjoy a visible effect in a couple days! Say goodbye to your regretful tats comfortably now!

  • Pain- & Scar-free:
    Experience the pain you went through when tattooing no more as we cause no pain and scars so you could remove it pleasantly.

  • Moisturizing Touch:
    Hydrates your vulnerable and thin skin after removal to keep it moisturized and glowy.

  • Safe Ingredients:
    Formulated only with the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients that make it safe on your skin.
  • For Any Skin Types:
    No matter which skin types you are, it is still a perfect fit for you.


  • Clean and dry the area thoroughly before applying.
  • Apply DermaGlow onto the pigmented area evenly in thin layer.
  • Massage gently until totally absorbed.
  • For better result, use a warm towel to cover the area prior to applying DermaGlow; cover the area with cling film after application and continue to put the warm towel over the area.
  • Use DermaGlow persistently everyday until achieved the desired result.


  • Ingredients: Rutin, Carnitine, Hydrogenated Polyisobutylene Xanthan Gun, Cetyl Oleate
  • Weight: 13g


  • 1x DermaGlow Pigment Erasing Cream

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