Dermax™ Psoriasis Soap


When creating Dermax™ Psoriasis Soap, our dermatologist founder kept in mind the needs of his own patients who were looking for a safe, all-natural substitute for conventional psoriasis therapies. Dermax™ Psoriasis Soap has successfully treated thousands of patients’ psoriasis symptoms for more than 25 years.

By reducing inflammation and removing scales, Mory Moisturizing Psoriasis Soap enhances the appearance of the skin. This lessens irritation and delays the growth of new skin cells. It benefits a person’s skin and mental health.

Mory Moisturizing Psoriasis Soap doesn’t include any harsh chemicals that might aggravate already damaged skin because it works inside to clean the skin and reduce itching and inflammation from the inside out. Safe and efficient With addition to reducing inflammation, itching, and scaling associated with psoriasis, Mory helps decrease the overgrowth of skin cells that occurs in this condition.

Dermax™ Psoriasis Soap has the following product features:

  • Package Includes: Dermax Psoriasis Soap / 100g
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Dermax™ Psoriasis Soap
Dermax™ Psoriasis Soap
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