Design Electroplated iPhone 14/15 Case

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Electroplated iPhone Case

Experience the feeling of iPhone 15 in advance by using our newly designed phone case. Our trendy phone cases make your phone stand out in the crowd. Say goodbye to boring phone cases and join us to experience our new design and fresh sensation.

New Product Launch Season! Heavyweight is here
Introducing the new ‘Grand Window’ design
Electroplated iPhone Case
Transform your phone into a conceptual version of iPhone 15.
Our design inspiration comes from the demands of the majority of Apple users for camera design.Unlocking a new form for the phone camera, redefining your iPhone.
“Grand Window” Integrated Lens Protector
We use a new material – Crystal Ceramic Protective Film
Electroplated iPhone Case
Effectively protect the phone lens, preventing abrasions, scratches, and falls. It does not affect the image quality of photography. It does not interfere with using the flash for night-time photography, keeping the camera lens in optimal condition and health.
Vacuum Electroplating & High Quality
New Type of High Hardness Material
We adopt the same material as the original phone back panel, restoring the authentic colors of the phone.
Electroplated iPhone Case
At the same time, our phone case features concealed airbag design on the four corners and circular full-wrap airbag design on the sides, providing comprehensive protection for your phone. Rest assured in its usage.
Non-yellowing and durable for long-term usage
Say Goodbye to Yellowing,  our phone cases use vacuum electroplating technology and high-quality materials, which makes them less prone to oxidation and yellowing, keeping your phone fresh and modern-looking.
Super stealth design
Lightweight and slim for a comfortable tactile experience
Every side withstands the test. Ultra-thin design that makes you feel like you’re not using a case at all.
Electroplated iPhone Case
Electroplated iPhone Case
Nanometer-level & integrated dustproof mesh
Utilizing industrial-grade dustproof holes, ensuring unobstructed sound and preventing dust from entering the speaker.
Dust inside the phone will lead to poor sound quality, damage the life of the phone, shorten the life of the phone 1 to 2 years.The crystal clear case wraps seamlessly around to prevent dust from entering and scratching the phone’s body.
Material: Vacuum Electroplating & Crystal Ceramic Back Panel
Color: As shown in the picture
Product Weight: 35 g
Package Includes: 1 x Design Electroplated iPhone 14/15 Case
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Design Electroplated iPhone 14/15 Case
Design Electroplated iPhone 14/15 Case
Original price was: $37.90.Current price is: $18.95. Select options