DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons


Detoxify your body from all the impurities, and get in shape in 3-6 weeks!

DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons

Before we introduce our products, let’s take a look at our satisfied customers.

“I had issues with my endocrine system, which led to obesity and irregular periods.” I’m also frequently tired and have unexplained pains somewhere, which irritates me greatly. I’ve tried numerous products, but none of them have worked for me. It was recommended to me by a friend. When I’m not on my period, I use DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons every day. I stick with it for 5 weeks. The toxins in my body have been completely eliminated. I feel so much lighter now! My endocrine and menstrual cycles have returned to normal. I feel like toxins are being flushed out of my body every time I use it. “I was astounded by the transformation in myself”—-Barry
DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons
”Due to the accumulation of toxins, I had a lot of fat in my belly according to my physician. I have tried to get rid of it countless times. I tried a bunch of products, but they didn’t work. When I saw DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons, I bought some 10 packs to try them. It‘s amazing. After using it for 4 weeks, I felt that the toxins in my body were flushed out and the fat in my neck disappeared. It also relieved my menstrual pain problem. It’s really good. Thank you so much”—-Sharon


Toxins from our food, air, water, and environment bombard us daily. All of these chemicals must be processed by the body and eliminated safely. Each organ works to eliminate excess waste that’s produced by natural metabolic processes, otherwise known as toxins. The problem is, that detoxification systems can quickly become overwhelmed, causing toxin overload. When this happens, weight gain is imminent.
DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons
This results in weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and energy loss. Someone is “sick with toxins” if they come up with bags under their eyes, aches all over, and have gained weight without doing anything different. The frustration and stress of how they feel cause them to gain even more weight, and they are eventually diagnosed with a disease.


After extensive research and development by multiple American Enterprises, Dr. Monica Miles, MD is an expert on the human circulatory and endocrine systems have published several articles on human detoxification in prestigious journals.

During her visit to a Laboratory in Japan, she stumbled upon a rare herbal medicine that combines ginger and L-Arginine with more than ten kinds of plant-derived absorb toxins from the body.
DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons
“I had no idea that this visit would bring me great discoveries, DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons can solve all the problems of females, regulate the endocrine system, And can provide additional body detox effect!”—Dr. Monica Miles

How do DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons Work?

Give your vibe the cleansing and boost it needs! DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons is the best way not only to pamper yourself when you’re feeling stressed out but also to detox your secret chambers by allowing you to absorb the healthful herbs inside!

WhenDetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons are injected into Yoni, it assists the kidneys to detoxify and absorb toxins from your body, which in turn may lead to weight loss and make you healthier.
DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons

DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons, Keeping Vagina Healthy

DetoxSlim™ promotes uterine and reproductive health in addition to detoxification and weight loss. Clinical trials have revealed that women who wore DetoxSlim™ for 30 days had a lower risk of vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and effusion, cervical erosion, trichomonas vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, palace cold, irregular menstruation, and tightening effect.

DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons Key Ingredients

  • Borneol: Natural herb, that removes toxins from the body and increases blood circulation.
  • Saffron: A natural source of antioxidants, which plays a role in helping your body to detox by supporting your liver – your body’s main detox organ.
  • Cnidium monnieri: Contains properties that might kill bacterial cells, and reduce swelling and body inflammation.
  • Sophora flavescens: Used in traditional medicine for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that ease pain and infection in the yoni.
  • Bombyx Batryticatus: Known for its anticoagulant effects, antitumor effects, antibacterial and antifungal effects, antioxidant effects, hypoglycemic effects
  • Draconis Sanguis: has been used for its antiviral and wound-healing effects. Taspine, one of its major components has been documented to have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing actions.

DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons

Package Includes: 1 x DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons

What makes DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons your Great Choice?

  • Body Cleansing through tampons
  • Improve the body’s metabolism
  • Eliminates fat and toxins
  • Holistic fitness approach
  • Detoxification while sleeping
  • Fast & visible results in as fast as 7 days
Usage Guide:

DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons

Note: Not Suitable for virgins, during a menstrual period, and pregnant women.

DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons
DetoxSlim™ Yoni Pearls Tampons
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