Diamond Painting Grid

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Tired of imperfect diamond painting?


Anyone who’s ever had to diamond paint has known the struggle of keeping your drills straight. This new tool is the perfect solution to the problem.



Last for a long time: This diamond painting grid is made of stainless steel, quality material with smooth surfacecomfortable to touch and easy to clean, this kind of material is not easy to rust or break, can last for a long time.



Diamond painting tool: Our diamond painting grid is designed for diamond painting, they can keep the diamonds in a straight line and make every diamond in nice alignment, making diamonds stick more convenient and neater, suitable for hand-made diamond paintings at home.



Easy to use: The precision of this 5D diamond painted ruler is high and the mesh fits the canvas symbol accurately, making it easier to stick, our ruler has been treated with a non-stick surface, does not stick to the canvas, can be easily torn open to prevent the diamond from getting stuck, allowing you to make diamond paint faster and save more time.
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Diamond Painting Grid
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