Diatomaceous Earth Desiccant

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Diatomaceous Earth Desiccant

The powdered seasoning you buy at home will clump together over time because it is too moist. Even grains and cereals kept in closed boxes can become damp.

This diatomaceous earth disiccant has moisture-absorbing and deodorising properties, is small, lightweight and safe to use in direct contact with food to keep it dry.


► Powerful Moisture Absorption

Good moisture absorption, effectively absorbs moisture from the air, prevents dampness and keeps items dry.

► Safe Material

Made from pure natural diatomaceous earth mineral extract, green, non-toxic and odourless, it can come into direct contact with food.

► Effective Odour Removal

Its inherently porous structure purifies the air while breaking down odours and also prevents cascading.

► Compact Design

This diatomaceous earth disiccant is lightweight and compact, space-saving, can be placed directly in spice jars, shoes, boxes, cupboards, drawers.

► Reusable & Eco-friendly

After drying, it can be recycled again and again, natural and environmentally friendly.

► Multiple Uses

Can be used to dehumidify mixed grains, coffee beans, tea leaves, dried fruits and spices, as well as to deodorise and dry shoes, wardrobes and fridge drawers.


☺ Material: Diatom mud

☺ Weight: 60g

☺ Size: 60*15*9mm

☺ Package Contents: Diatomaceous Earth Desiccant x 4/8/12

Diatomaceous Earth Desiccant
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