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🔥Buy More Save More 🔥DIY LED Stick Figure Kit

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Create Amazing Light Effects

EL wire is flexible and easily mold-able into any shape that you desire. Add cool and flexible light anywhere. Ready for party applications. Simply add AA batteries then plug and play.

Stand Out With EL Wire Costume

We know you have the urge to party, we totally get it. But you can’t do it in complete darkness… so turn these EL wires on and watch your world get crazier than the room. Run whatever length of wire you need.It is safe and does not run hot.Water-proof.undefined

Safe and Efficient

EL wire making your own lighted sign is simple. All you do is bend the wire into any shape, or in this case, the languages of love. They would be equally lovely for baby showers, anniversary parties or home decor.


DIY: Great for decorating your costume and home.
Versatile: Flexible light wire that can be easily bent, curved, cut or knotted.
Colorful Neon light: Coated in a phosphor that glows a 360 degree unbroken light when an alternating current is applied to it.
Energy-efficient: It does not need much power
Outdoor & Indoor Portable: Powered with 2 AA batteries, convenient and fast, no extra wires or plugs needed.


  • Color: Yellow, White, Orange, Fluorescent green, Ice blue
  • Length:5m
  • 1. It has a long life, its no filament structure, is not afraid of fatal driving vibration. It can be used for more than 60,000 hours in normal environment. Generally, no replacement is required during the vehicle life period;

    2.color: no filter lampshade, the light wave length error is small, and the color is bright.

    3. The LED power consumption is low. When it reaches the same light brightness of traditional light bulbs, the power consumption is only 6%of the traditional light bulb, and the heat is low.

    4. LED is lit without delay, and traditional glass shell bulbs have a delay of 0.3 seconds


  • 3 V Inverter


🔥Buy More Save More 🔥DIY LED Stick Figure Kit

DIY LED Stick Figure Kit
🔥Buy More Save More 🔥DIY LED Stick Figure Kit
Original price was: $25.88.Current price is: $12.88. Select options