Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment


Doctor Butlers Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment

Whether you’re looking for a hemorrhoid and fissure ointment, a solution to relieve itching, swelling and maximum pain relief, we’ve got an effective formula for you.

Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment

Before introducing our products, let’s take a look at our satisfied customers.

First product review ever and it’s about my butt problem. This really is a miracle ointment. I’ve been suffering from hemorrhoids for years and I knew when I became pregnant I was in for some trouble. I’m now 5 weeks postpartum and a few days ago I developed a thrombosed hemorrhoid. It was excruciating… I could barely walk and all I could think about was the pain in my rear end. Not easy with a baby that needs you sit on your bum to feed every 3 hours. I tried many at home remedies but failed. I even thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel except surgery. So I started searching and found this product. I am on day 2 with 5 applications already and I have MUCH improvement. I was worried spending the money but holy relief it’s so worth it. Plus, I noticed that I also lost several lbs! Probably cuz i got smoother bowel movement for that. Thank you for saving my ass!!!!

Tahoe Nikki

Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment

If you have had an anal fissure you understand the pain and discomfort. This is my second time with this issue and my first time with this product. Being desperate to solve the issue I looked up the most positive reviews on all products and decided on this one. It has now been a week and I finally have relief. I will finish off the tube but right now all is good. One more thing is I think this stuff even makes it possible for me to slim faster cuz i could often go to the bathroom to empty my bowel without anal pains! One suggestion, I first applied with finger cots with limited relief and then went with the applicator that was included. The applicator was easier and more successful. I highly recommend you give this a try if you suffer from an anal fissure. Good luck.

-Gayle Schwartz

What are the main causes of hemorrhoids?

The main causes of hemorrhoids are “constipation”, “diarrhea”, “forceful defecation”“prolonged sitting still” and so on. For example, the stool becomes hard due to constipation, the anus is compressed during defecation, the exit is split to form an anal fissure, or the blood vessels of the venous plexus of the anus are congested to form hemorrhoids.

The anus and rectum are very fragile body organs, but they could be under huge pressure. In life, we are usually used to sitting and standing for a long time, which usually gives heavy pressure to the anus. So a number of anal health issues may occur like hemorrhoids, anal gland inflammation, perianal abscess and even anal fistula and other diseases.

Nearly three-quarters of adults will get hemorrhoids from time to time. It is the swelling of the veins in the anus and lower rectum, similar to varicose veins. Hemorrhoids can develop inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) or under the skin around the anus (external hemorrhoids). In severe cases, it will affect defecation, and even cause rectal fissure, local repeated infection and symptoms such as perianal abscess. If not intervened, it will be a vicious circle.

Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment

Dangerous complications of hemorrhoids

If you do not choose the right treatment for hemorrhoids, it will make the condition worse.

Why choose this product?


Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment

Doctor Butler’s was started more than a decade ago by Dr. Robert Cutler, a specialist in the field of Proctology and a practicing physician of more than 30 years. His patients wanted one thing: a better ointment for their hemorrhoids. So, instead of sending them home with his usual treatment plan consisting of 4 or 5 different ointments, he developed his own formula and found it worked better than the multi-cream combinations ever did. From this, Doctor Butler’s was born.

Get instant pain relief and targeted healing with Doctor Butler’s hemorrhoid ointment, designed to quickly soothe itching, burning and swelling with a proctologist developed blend of natural and medicated ingredients.

• Maximum-Strength Pain Relief + Shrinking

Made with maximum strength phenylephrine, a vasoconstrictor that shrinks swollen tissue. We combine that with Lidocaine, a strong topical pain reliever for a doubly effective ointment.

Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment

• Natural Ingredients

Contains natural anti-inflammatory and bactericidal ingredients such as calendula, horse chestnut, aloe vera, horse chestnut, aloe vera, chamomile and ginseng, which play an important role in repairing inflammation of the skin and blood vessels, wounds and eliminating toxins in the body.

Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment

• Ultra Hygienic & Made in America

All production of our ointment is made in an FDA inspected production facility in the United States with rigorous quality control standards to ensure that every ointment you use contains our pure, hygienic formula.

• FDA Approved Ingredients

The active ingredients in Doctor Butler’s hemorrhoid ointments are FDA approved for treatment of anorectal conditions. Each ingredient is carefully selected by Dr. Cutler in a scientifically driven formulation process.

• Lose Weight and Detox

There are also more than a dozen natural ingredients such as wormwood, menthol, camphor, etc., which not only have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, but also eliminate toxins in the body. While treating hemorrhoids, it will also remove some toxins from the body and lose some weight

Why We’re Different

Benefits of Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoid Ointment

  • LEAVE THE PAIN BEHIND: Doctor Butler’s hemorrhoid ointment was developed by a Board Certified Proctologist to ensure only the best ingredients for hemorrhoid and fissure treatment. This lidocaine ointment works as a numbing cream to quickly alleviate your pain.*
  • HEAL, SOOTHE and PROTECT: This formula also features organic herbs, essential oils and minerals and amino acids for added healing solutions and pain relief. Aloe vera extract, ginseng extract and horse chestnut are just some of the ingredients with skin protectant and anti-inflammatory properties.*
  • MOST SOUGHT AFTER HEMORRHOID OINTMENT- Join more than 85,000 satisfied new customers who purchased Doctor Butler’s hemorrhoid pain relief products over the past year and quickly relieved the Pain, Bleeding, Burning, Itching and Swelling of Hemorrhoids & Fissures.*
  • MADE IN THE USA: Doctor Butler’s is manufactured in the USA and is produced in our facility. Rigorous quality control of ingredients and an added safety seal is done to prove the SAFE & EFFECTIVE use of our products. We have also partnered with Leaping Bunny to maintain cruelty free standards.
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE: Doctor Butler’s comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your hemorrhoid cream purchase, in any way, please feel free to contact us.

What makes Healmusz Natural Herbal Hemorrhoids Ointment your best choice?

  • Relieves the sensations of burning, itching, swelling, the discomfort of external hemorrhoids and difficulty ofbowel movements.
  • Quickly and effectively treatsanal diseases such as hemorrhoids, rectal fissures, perianal abscesses, and anal fistulas.
  • Natural Therapy: Made from97% plant-based organic ingredients for the gentlest, most natural repair.
  • Cleanses and cools irritated areas for long-lasting comfort.
  • Continuous use can effectively prevent a recurrence.

How to Use Hemorrhoid Ointment

• Wash and dry your hands before using hemorrhoid cream. It is essential to keep the area affected by hemorrhoids clean and clear of bacteria.
• Once ready to apply the ointment, wash your anal area as you want to avoid introducing more bacteria to the affected area. Use cleansing wipes or a sitz bath/sitz soak. Try to avoid toilet paper as it can be rough on irritated skin. Wash your hands again.
• Attach the applicator head to the hemorrhoid cream, ensuring it is on tight. Squeeze some of the hemorrhoid cream out and rub it on the outside of the applicator tip.
• Squeeze your hemorrhoid cream tube just enough for roughly a pea-sized amount of hemorrhoidal ointment to come out. Apply externally or to the skin of the anal canal only.
• Remove the applicator gently, and remove it from the tube and wash the applicator and your hands.

We Guarantee You’ll be Satisfied 

Doctor Butler’s hemorrhoid medications are well-loved by customers for following through on our promise to help you leave the pain behind. If you try our ointment and it doesn’t work the way you want it to, contact us for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

It’s Time to Leave the Pain Behind

Doctor Butler’s makes hemorrhoid treatment simple.  Take control of your hemorrhoids now with our proctologist-developed ointment, expertly formulated for powerful healing and instant relief.

Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment

Package Includes: 1 x Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment

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Doctor Butlers Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment
Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoids and Cracks Ointment
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