Double-ended Faucet Repair Tool


Double-ended Faucet Repair Tool

No more dirt trapped in your faucet aerator!

Double-ended Faucet Repair Tool removes and installs faucet aerators easily with a simple twist, keeping your running water clean and gunk-free.

The lime scale and calcium build-up from hard water in faucet aerators will pollute your water quality and health. Our faucet spanner effortlessly unscrews the cap for easy cleaning or repair an old one.

Made of high quality and durable materials, it is strong, rust resistant and not easy to deform.


  • DOUBLE ENDED:¬†Designed with dual heads for removing and installing faucet aerators.
  • HYGIENE MAINTENANCE:¬†Keeps your tap water clean by regularly cleaning faucet aerator to prevent build ups of dirt.
  • NON-SLIP:¬†Grips on faucet head tightly with non-slip rubber.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT:¬†Applies on all standard American faucet heads.
  • EASY TO USE:¬†Simply tug on the faucet head and twist to unscrew or install. Labor saving and easy to use.
  • DURABLE:¬†Made of high quality and durable material that is strong, rust resistant and not easy to deform.


  • Size: 100*45 mm/3.9*1.8 in


  • Double-ended Faucet RepairTool x 1
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