Double Sided Grill Pan

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Double Sided Grill Pan

Prepare delicious meals with this perfect kitchenware!!

Works On Both Of The Surfaces – double-Sided Grill Pan provides two types of surfaces: a flat surface and a riffled surface. Both sides distribute the heat evenly so you are able to get perfectly grilled meat every single time.

Wide Applications- Other than grilling, Double Sided GrillPan is also ideal for frying and can be used as a pressure pan so you can experience meats that are falling of the bone without sacrificing hours of your time.

Great Quality Made- Double-Sided GrillPan is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum with non-stick coatingDurable and easy to maintain, it also can be used with different cooktops such as halogen, electric, ceramic, or your traditional gas range.

Material: aluminum

Size: 32/36CM

Color: Black

Quantity: 1pcs

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