Dr.Sebs Moisturizing Silicone Sock


Dr.Sebs Moisturizing Silicone Sock
Dr.Sebs Moisturizing Silicone Sock

When you’ve tried foot creams, soaks, callus removers, gels, and just about every foot softening products out there to treat your rough, dry feet with no results, the Dr.Sebs Moisturizing Silicone Sock could offer THE solution you’re looking for.

The Dr. Sebs™ Moisturizing Silicone Sock requires very minimal effort to put on. And with its comfortable ergonomic design, it soothes and moisturizes cracked heels and callused feet while retaining its deodorizing ability and breathability. The air vent design with holes act as a circulation booster so the sock won’t make your feet sweaty, smelly, or clammy even when you have it on for hours.

Its high-quality silicone material is highly stretchable, durable, and non-deformable, so it won’t slip when you wear it to bed or use it during the day. This anti-crack sock also features grippy particles on the bottom to prevent slipping and sliding around while walking.

Dr.Sebs Moisturizing Silicone Sock has the following product:

Product Specifications:

  • Unit weight: 0.136 kg
  • Large size: length 21cm*width 9.5cm*thickness 0.2cm, 136g/pair, suitable for 40-46 yards
  • Small size: length 19cm width 9.5cm*thickness 0.2cm, 122g/pair, suitable for size 33-39
  • Material: Silica gel
  • Color: White, Skintone

Package includes:

  • 1 pair x Dr.Sebs Moisturizing Silicone Sock
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