Dragon Bone Heavy Cutting Knife

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Dragon Bone Heavy Cutting Knife

Sharp and Ergonomic Handle Design, easy to chop the fish bones and vegetable.


  • 【Tough and sharp】The blade is as sharp as a razor, and the entire blade has a streamlined design so that you are very easy to cut any food, and it is very powerful when cutting bones or some hard foods.

  • 【Multifunctional Aquatic Fish Knife】Special knives for aquatic products, such as opening fish belly, picking fish bones and filleting fish, etc. The sharp blade and professional unique fishline design will greatly facilitate your handling of fish. It will be a good helper for you in the kitchen.

  • 【Professional Craftsmanship】Mirror polished blade and the hammered pattern provide exquisite and elegant visual satisfaction , with good balance and weight to make cutting more enjoyable. The uneven blade surface can increase the friction between the fillet knife and the ingredients, which can prevents food from sticking. The multi-process hand-opened edge plus fine grinding also makes the hardness and sharpness well balanced.

  • 【Ergonomic Handle Design】Comfortable and non-slip blood sandalwood handle, natural solid wood to provide you with safety and comfort. Ergonomic full tang unic design, not easy to break.
  • 【Premium Quality】The carbon steel blade can cut through everything easily. This aquatic fish knife is not rust-resistant, please keep it clean and dry after each use, and oil it regularly to prevent rust in order to have a long service life.


Blade Material: 420 Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Wood
Construction Type: Forged
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Dragon Bone Heavy Cutting Knife
Dragon Bone Heavy Cutting Knife