Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Cupping Device


For over 3,000 yearsthe Chinese have turned to cupping therapy. This natural solution has offered relief from cellulite, tension, and even pain.

Today, this ancient remedy is not lost. It has been modernized, optimized, and miniaturized into a portable device.

How 4 Potent Technologies Attack Cellulite with the Dreamate™ Device

 Suction for Lymphatic Boost: With its suction superpower, the device doesn’t just tackle those pesky fibrous bands – it also amps up your lymphatic circulation. Think of it as a detox for your skin, flushing away those nasties and leaving you feeling rejuvenated.


Red Light for Collagen Production: Get ready for the wonder of red light therapy. It’s like a wake-up call for your collagen, firming up your skin and reducing the look of cellulite. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a younger, revitalized you!


Heat Therapy for Improved Blood Flow: Who doesn’t love a bit of warmth? Heat therapy isn’t just soothing, it also improves blood flow to your skin. Better blood flow equals less excess fluid, fewer toxins, and more relaxed fibrous bands. The result? Skin as smooth as silk.


Vibration for Massage and Relaxation: Last but not least, the device incorporates a vibrating massage function. This helps to further break up the fibrous bands, giving you a blissful, spa-like experience at home.

Dreamate™ Can Actually Help with Cellulite Reduction…

Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Cupping Device

Dynamic suction technology initiates the process, emulating professional cupping. This boosts blood flowbreaking down cellulite for smoothermore toned skin.

Then, red light therapy gets to work, penetrating deep skin layers, targeting fat cells and revealing a sculpted shape.

In tandem, infrared heat enhances collagen production, crucial for skin elasticity. This tightens your skin, reducing sagging and providing a youthful firmness.

Finally, a vibrational massage encourages circulation and skin renewalreducing cellulite and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

Experience the Dreamate™  revolution: a compact, powerful solution to combat cellulite and rejuvenate your skin, right at home.

Far Infrared Magnetic Therapy target for weight loss

Pure graphene can release far-infrared light waves closest to the human body, which is the most absorbable way.
It is an indispensable source of energy for life on earth, and is called “the light of life” by scientists. It emits waves between 6-14um that are invisible to the human eye and the peak is the 9μm wavelength that is most likely to cause resonance in the human body.
Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Cupping Device
①Deep penetration – NASA’s 1989 research report pointed out that the far-infrared rays of 6-14 microns can penetrate 15cm inside the human body. It can penetrate human skin, act directly on deep tissue, replenish cell energy.

②Improve blood circulation – Far-infrared rays can dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow to the skin and muscles, increase blood oxygen content, activate cells

Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Cupping Device
③Stimulate metabolism – Enhance the vitality of cells, adjust the mechanism of neurohumor, and balance the exchange of substances inside and outside the body.
④Detoxification – Far-infrared rays can also promote the secretion of sweat glands inside the body. Making the water molecules in the body smaller to reduce puffiness
⑤Improve immunity – Enhance the body’s cellular immunity and humoral immunity.

The Science Backing the Dreamate™  Anti-Cellulite Cupping Device

If you’re a fan of hard facts, then you’re going to love this! Dreamate™ gathered 40 women struggling with cellulite and introduced them to the secret weapon of cupping therapy.

And you know what happened? After just three days, these ladies were already seeing dramatic improvements in their cellulite. Now, that’s what we call scientific proof!

Dreamate™  Anti-Cellulite Cupping Massager isn’t just another gadget, it’s a professionally crafted tool designed by healthcare experts.

Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Cupping Device

  • Doctor designed and recommended
  • Sculpts & tightens skin
  • FDA-cleared
  • Smooths cellulite & fine lines
  • Cost-effective at-home therapy
  • One-time investment, ongoing relief

What Makes The Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Smart Cupping Special?

Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Cupping Massager vs Massage, Special Treatments & Creams:

What results can you expect?

Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Cupping Device

🔰 Instant Results: After a single usage you will notice incredible improvements and relax for the entire day.
🔰 Long Term Fix: On average, our customers have manifested significant improvements after 3-5 days and absolute weight loss after 2 weeks of use.
🔰 Overall Health: Smooth body and mind, preserve body nerves & tissues, increase body energy.
We guarantee you will be more confident with a better figure.

Product information:

  • Package Includes: 1 x Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Cupping Device
  •  Body material: ABS
  • Color: Burgundy
Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Cupping Device
Dreamate™ Anti-Cellulite Cupping Device
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