Dreamate Intelligent Eye Massager


Struggling with migraines, eye Strain, or insomnia?

Dreamate™ Intelligent Eye MassagerWhether it’s caused by your job, digital screen time, stress, hormones, sleep changes, or physical activity, migraines, insomnia, and other ailments like eye strain, stress, or anxiety can wreak havoc on your life.

Dreamate is a miracle cure to fight back

Dreamate™ Intelligent Eye Massager

The Dreamate Intelligent Eye Massager is a new-generation eye massager that utilises scientifically-proven warmth, acupoint, and vibration massage. It’s built with input from neurologists and eye doctors to give you maximum relief in a matter of minutes!

The doctor recommend

“Dreamate uses the principles of modern biomagnetism and traditional medicine meridians, combined with modern electronic technology. It is refined through acupoint massage, pulse, and microcomputer chip control technology to perform hot compress, vibration, and kneading on the eyes and head. It is a professional eye care products to help people relieve eye fatigue and aid sleep.” – Dr. Samuel Ressa, Ophthalmologist

Better than mechanical massage 

Dreamate™ Intelligent Eye Massager

Microcurrent low frequency pulse technology for best results

Using 1500 microamps (prior to 1000 microamps in the market), the electrode sheet touches the skin, penetrates the skin tissue, and is introduced into the human body, reaching the dermis directly, stimulating the electromagnetic field of the human body.
The low-frequency pulse technology simulates manual massage by controlling changes in the frequency and band of the low-frequency pulse current and transmitting it to the skin.

Dreamate™ Intelligent Eye Massager

Restoration of ancient methods – precise acupoint massage

Micro-frequency vibration system, dual-engine power drive, high-frequency vibration, regularly presses 8 acupoints around the eyes

Give your eyes a SPA

Dreamate™ Intelligent Eye Massager
Designed according to the contour of the eyes and the distribution of the surrounding acupoints, it relieves eye fatigue and discomfort by kneading the acupoints and stimulating cones & optic nerves.
And adopts kneading, trigger point therapy, and rhythmic percussion massaging to battle against headaches, sleeping problems, stress, and more.
It provides a soothing adjustable temperature (4 gears) which help to stimulate blood circulation around your eyes, reducing eye puffiness, dark circles, and eye bags, and making your eyes feel healthy and refreshed!

Features you’ll love

Dreamate™ Intelligent Eye Massager
💞Simulated human massage, imitation of manual strength, 60Kpa power kneading
💞14 large contacts, 3D micro-vibration multi-point massage
💞Hot compress area is increased by 60%, which accelerates the blood circulation of the eye.
💞Rejuvenate your eyes with multi-frequency vibration massage – up to 160+ vibrations per second
💞1200mAh long-lasting battery life – 1 charge can be used 8 times, 1 run for 15 minutes
💞3DSuit fits curves of the face, eyes and nose, shading, no pressure on the eyeball

How to use?

Step 1: Turn the device on by holding the powerbutton for 2 sec
Step 2: Chose your favored massage mode by double-clicking the power button
Step 3: Enjoy your life migraine free and fall asleep easily
Wear it before go to bed, let it works whole night.

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Dreamate™ Intelligent Eye Massager


Dreamate™ Intelligent Eye Massager
Material: ABS+sponge
Product color: Black
Product weight: about 60g(with electrodes)
Power supply: USB Charging
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Gear: 4 gears adjustable
Main feature: Intelligent timing(15 min), micro current massage

Package includes:
● 1 x Dreamate Intelligent Eye Massager
● 1 x USB Cable

Dreamate Intelligent Eye Massager
Dreamate Intelligent Eye Massager
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