DuraMen Lasting Masculine Perfomance Spray

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Last longer and enjoy more satisfaction all in one simple spray!

Still struggling with your manly issues? Say no more! DuraMen is here to put an end to smaller size, flaccidness and other dysfunctional issues!

Partner unsatisfied with you finishing too fast? DuraMen is here to prolong your intimate performance! DUsers have reported that DuraMen has lengthened their time in bed up to at least 30 minutes!

DuraMen guarantees you and your partner with an exhilarating experience in bed like never before by keeping you in your A game for the whole time and provideing you with heightened sensitivity!

DuraMen keeping your testosterone on a healthy and balanced level, enabling an easier gain of muscle mass, stronger bone maintenance and increased libido!

Your testosterone production level can decreased as you age! DuraMen helps you maintain a higher level of testosterone, keeping you on your peak performance level at all time!

No more disappointment in bed! DuraMen promotes smoother blood circulation and improves the size and your active control of your manhood!

DuraMen is formulated using only organic herbal extracts with potency boosting effects, such as epimedium, maca roots and latifolia, making it perfect safe to use on your personal areas! Zero numbness, triple the passion!


Clean the male privates well before using

Shake the bottle well before spraying

Use the spray 20 minutes before intercourse

Spray the solution direction onto the male privates for 2 to 4 squirts and wait until fully absorbed

After intercourse, please clean the privates well with lukewarm water.


Net Content: 6ml
Shelf Life: 5 years


1* DuraMen Lasting Masculine Perfomance Spray

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DuraMen Lasting Masculine Perfomance Spray