DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover


DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover
DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover

DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover

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“I had an unpleasant skin tag on my face that had been bothering me for months. A friend recommended me to purchase this product, and after using it for a little over a week, it started to dry up and shrink until it completely disappeared, leaving no scars! They really do work!”

– Claire Muller, Brooklyn, USA.


DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover

“As you can see from my pictures, I had a pretty bad case of foot warts that hung around for over 16 years. We tried liquid nitrogen at the dr 3 times, the at home acid kits from other big brands, at home freezing, and every other remedy imaginable.
After not trying anything for 2 years, my wife convinced me to give BOZEBI a try. I used it three times a day, and after three weeks, I got the results I wanted. Now, I’ve stopped using it for a month, and there has been no recurrence. This product is a miracle. However, you have to be consistent, or else the results won’t be as good. You need to follow the instructions. Warts are relentless.”

– Jim Carlson, Philadelphia, USA.


“I purchased 6 bottles because I had a lot of skin tags on my back. I used it 3 times a day, and in less than a week, it treated the skin tags and warts on my back. I’m amazed by the results; it shrank and smoothed them out! I’m amazed by how it works; now I don’t need to undergo surgery for those annoying tags!”

– Susan Marquez, Atlanta, USA. 


Understanding Skin tags & warts

If you’ve ever noticed a little piece of dangling skin on your body, you’ve most likely found a skin tag. While these little growths are entirely benign, it is an eyesore for some.

DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover

Skin tags (acrochordons) are small, noncancerous growths that tend to be the same color as your skin. They often look like a cluster of skin tissue extending from a tiny stem. They’re sometimes darker and may resemble a raised mole. Most skin tags are between 1-5 mm, but some can grow as large as a few centimeters.

Warts are skin lesions caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. They typically manifest as round or irregular protrusions, which can be flesh-colored, gray, or brown, and often have a rough surface. Warts can appear on any part of the body, including fingers, palms, soles of the feet, and toes. They may cause discomfort, itching, or pain, and can occasionally spread or recur under certain circumstances.

DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover

Are Skin tags & Warts harmful?

Most warts are harmless. However, warts are contagious and can spread to other parts of the body or other individuals. The increase in lesions during spreading can result in not only localized issues but also multiple lesions appearing throughout the body. Certain warts may cause itching, stinging, or a burning sensation, especially when rubbed or under pressure. This can lead to discomfort and pain.

Children with common warts on their hands or fingers often spread warts to their faces through touching or oral contact.

Plantar warts on the soles of the feet can be painful, and mosaic warts that cluster together can be embarrassing.

Why choose DYCECO™?

DYCECO™ is a plant-based formula specially formulated for the removal of warts and skin tags! It works gently yet effectively to treat warts and skin tags at their source, gradually reducing their appearance and ultimately making them disappear.

DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil)
Tea tree oil has natural antiviral and antimicrobial properties, which help fight viral infections that cause skin tags and warts. It can penetrate the skin and break down, dissolving the abnormal cells that form tags and warts. It also helps reduce inflammation and irritation associated with these skin problems, providing a soothing and calming effect.

DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover

Arborvitae Leaf Extract
Extract of arborvitae leaf has the ability to constrict blood vessels and tissues, promoting cell regeneration and repair, thereby accelerating the reduction of skin tags and warts. It also possesses antiviral properties, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of the viruses that cause these skin issues.


Borneol has astringent and hemostatic properties, which can reduce swelling and bleeding around skin tags and warts. It also helps promote local blood circulation and cellular regeneration, aiding in skin recovery. The wound healing properties of borneol are among its most beneficial uses.


Witch Hazel Extract
Witch hazel contains abundant tannic acid and flavonoids, which can contract tissues and reduce the size and prominence of warts. The active ingredients in witch hazel are believed to possess antiviral activity, helping to combat the viruses that cause wart growth and effectively eliminate warts and moles.

Our skin biologists and formulation scientists have constantly been researching to deliver innovative products to meet a wide range of skin tag removal needs. This has resulted in the discovery of organic formulas of DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover that can dry, shrink & heal skin tags.DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover

Its active ingredients destroy the wart tissue, prompting it to loosen and fall off. Apply this wart remover on the face or body to dry and diminish skin tags until they naturally fall off the skin’s surface.

 What makes DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover your top choice?

DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover

  • FDA-Cleared for safe, at-home skin tag removal
  • Scar-free and Painless
  • Rapid & Visible results
  • Skin tags fall off naturally
  • Natural, Safe and Effective
  • Suitable for any part of body
  • Dermatologist Recommendation


  • “In less than 3 weeks, I finally got rid of the stubborn wart on my forehead. I love how it was completely non-irritating and highly effective on my sensitive skin. Thanks to my dermatologist for recommending it! Now my family also uses it to treat warts on their hands and feet. It’s worth it!”
  • -Jacob,Vancouver,CA
  • DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover

    “My neck was covered in skin tags. After applying the product for a week, I immediately saw results! I used it three times a day, and after consistently doing so for two weeks, the skin tags fell off and the warts disappeared. I’ve tried many other products in the past, but none of them showed any results even after using them for six months. But this one will give you the results you’re looking for!”

    – Hannah Johnson, New Orleans, USA.

    “The skin tags under my armpits were constantly rubbing and causing me a lot of discomfort. That’s why I decided to purchase four bottles of skin tag remover and used it consistently 3-4 times a day. In less than a week, I successfully got rid of them. Now my armpits are no longer painful! I really love this product because it makes me feel comfortable and confident.”

    – Milton Braganza,Los Angeles,USA.

    DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover


Shelf life: 3 years
Net Volume: 25ml

Package Includes:

  • 1 x DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover
  • DYCECO™ Advanced Tags & Moles Remover
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