EarShape PLUS LymphTherapy DetoxSlimming Earrings


EarShape PLUS LymphTherapy DetoxSlimming Earrings

EarShape LymphTherapy DetoxSlimming Earrings help you detoxify your body from all the impurities, and get in shape in 4-8 weeks

Let us hear from our satisfied & successful customers!

“If you’re looking for a fat burner this is perfect, I was hesitant but when I tried it and saw the result, I was incredibly happy! I tried so many slimming creams & anti-swelling pills before but none of them worked. Until my friend introduced me to these acupressure earrings and made me try them. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to work but it did work, and a lot better than expected! My excess arm fats got eliminated in less than a month!”

Catherine Miller,  Arizona USA

“When I am sedentary for work, I noticed my body started changing. There was increased fat, especially on my belly and waist. I went through a lot of products to find something that would get rid of those issues and this one is the absolute best I’ve tried! It has kept my skin soft and firm, eliminating those crepes and bulges that become obvious. This is my go-to weight loss accessory now!! It’s very versatile and can be used for every occasion! Thanks, EarShape!”

Norma Jordan,  North Caroline, USA

 Understanding Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. It keeps body fluid levels in balance and defends the body against infections. Lymphatic (Lim-FAT-ik) vessels, tissues, organs, and glands work together to drain a watery fluid called lymph from throughout the body.

These nodes swell in response to infection due to a buildup of lymph fluid, bacteria, or other organisms and immune system cells.

Understanding the lymphatic system provides insights into the body’s profound ability to care for itself. Its functions are as follows:

  • Maintains fluid levels in your body
  • Absorbs fats from the digestive tract
  • Protects your body against foreign invaders
  • Transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph

How does lymphatic system failure affect fat accumulation?

The second function of the lymphatic system is the absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system and the subsequent transport of these substances to venous circulation.

A new study of mice lacking Prox1, a gene required for the formation of lymphatic endothelial cells, unveils a link between lymph fluid and fat deposition. These findings bring the lymphatic vascular system into the focus of obesity research.

Factors & blockages that affect the lymphatic system

Many conditions can affect the vessels, glands, and organs that make up the lymphatic system. Some happen during development before birth or during childhood. Others develop as a result of disease or injury. Some common and less common diseases and disorders of the lymphatic system include:

  • Lymphadenopathy – Enlarged (swollen) lymph nodes
  • Lymphedema – Swelling or accumulation of fluid
  • Lymphoma – Cancers of the lymphatic system
  • Lymphangitis – Inflammation of the lymph vessels
  • Lymphocytosis – a condition in which there is a higher-than-normal amount of lymphocytes in the body.

Ear Acupressure on Weight loss & Lymphatic System

Ear acupuncture can help people lose weight, with better results if practitioners stimulated five points instead of just one, researchers from Korea claim in a study published in the BMJ journal Acupuncture in Medicine.

In one study, researchers examined the effect of ear acupuncture with sham acupuncture on obese women. “Researchers found a significant statistical difference in body weight, body-mass index and waist circumference between the acupuncture group and placebo,”

EarShape release negative ions which could increase the permeability of the cell membrane, to facilitate the absorption of tissue fluid into lymph vessels. Therefore prevent the blockage of the lymphatic system.

  • Germanium – When the temperature is above 32℃, Germanium stone emits wavelength (8-10Îźm) which is the most suitable frequency and wavelength for the human body. Therefore, 92.1% of far-infrared from germanium stone can be absorbed by the body. Far infrared penetrates deeply into the human body and helps to decompose toxic substances and significantly reduces swelling on lymph nodes.
  • Negative Ion – Increases metabolism of carbs and fats, reduces stress, boosts the immune system, helps regulate sleep patterns and mood, promotes antimicrobial activity
  • Far-infrared – Detoxifies the body and boosts metabolism
  • Premium Quality – Crafted with real crystal and surgical-grade titanium. Durable without tarnishing. Unlike cheap Earrings that contain lead and nickel. This high-quality earring saves you from worrying about skin irritation or allergic reactions. Lightweight and waterproof!

Highlights & Benefits of EarShape LymphTherapy Detox & Slim Earrings

  • Release 10 x more negative ions that
  • Utilizes Acupressure technology
  • Maximizes Fat Burning & skin cell regeneration
  • Effective Lymphatic Detoxification
  • Unclog Bloodstream and lymph nodes
  • Accelerate Metabolism
  • Reduce 60% of excess lymph fluid in 3 Months

Let us hear from Claire’s 8-week Weight Loss Transformation 

“My tummy is bloated and I didn’t know why it was that way at first, then when I tried researching about it I discovered that it is caused by poor lymphatic care and that fluid retention on body parts is what it does. Then I saw this EarShape LymphTherapy DetoxSlimming Earrings over the net and thought that I would give it a go.”

“4 Weeks of consistently wearing the EarShape LymphTherapy DetoxSlimming Earrings made some remarkable difference on my belly because it has been reduced greatly and the water weight has subsided. It is as if it is slowly flattening. I no longer feel very full and heavy as before. It is also very stylish and I don’t have a problem wearing it daily.”

“Finally I was able to get the results that I wanted. My belly is free from the retained fluid that makes it swell and it got lifted in such a way that the shape is in accordance with my body. Thanks to EarShape. I was able to reach my weight loss goal without straining my entire body from hard workouts in the gym. I also have more time to spend with my family since I don’t need to go out to exercise much. Highly recommended!”


  • Material: Germanium, Real crystal and surgical grade titanium
  • Color: Gold, Silver

Package Includes

1 EarShape LymphTherapy DetoxSlimming Earrings (2pcs)

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EarShape PLUS LymphTherapy DetoxSlimming Earrings
EarShape PLUS LymphTherapy DetoxSlimming Earrings
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