Easy Bottle Glass Cutter

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Save the environment by creating artwork pieces from old glass bottles.

Turn your old bottles into beautiful pieces of artwork as we offer you the EASY BOTTLE GLASS CUTTER.

Easy Bottle Glass Cutter is an INNOVATIVE TOOL that can EASILY and QUICKLY TURN your OLD GLASS BOTTLES into DIFFERENT ARTWORK PIECES. With this TOOL you can have your own Vases, Glass ware, Holders, Ashtrays, Lamps, Aquariums and more. It is made of HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS making it STURDY, DURABLE and SAFE to use. It has an ADJUSTABLE HOLE DESIGN that CAN CUT BOTH ENDS of the GLASS. It has an ADJUSTABLE BLADE that can also MAKE YOUR OWN DESIGN CUT.

Easy Bottle Glass Cutter is a PERFECT DIY TOOL. It is LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE. It is PERFECT for ALL TYPES of GLASSES such as Wine Bottles, Beer Bottles, Mason Jars, Food Jars, and more. It is EASY to USE just take an OLD BOTTLE and put into the HOLDER, APPLY MODERATE PRESSURE and ROTATE. BATHE the GLASS ALTERNATELY with WARM and COLD WATER until you have your PERFECT CUT with SMOOTH EDGES.

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Easy Bottle Glass Cutter
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