EasyRx™ Fast Hangover Relief Supplement


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In the busy and fulfilling life, hangovers can become a troublesome issue. According to data from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 80% of pre-party drinking events are accompanied by additional drinking after the gathering. The percentage of drinkers in Europe and America is reported to be 73%Hangovers may bring symptoms such as vomiting, headache, dizziness, dehydration, rash, rapid breathing, migraines, and gastrointestinal discomfort.

EasyRx™ Fast Hangover Relief Supplement

To completely change this situation, the University of Delaware Medical Center has collaborated with EASYRX Medical Group’s North Carolina Research Center, bringing together medical experts to jointly develop a groundbreaking product. Its mission? To supplement aldehyde dehydrogenase, speeding up the process of alcohol metabolism into acetic acid for a quick hangover relief.

In just 30 short minutes, this revolutionary product helps you feel fresher and more energetic, freeing you from the symptoms of intoxication, let you fully enjoy the beautiful moments of laughter, conversation, and friendship!

These ingredients ensure safety and reliability

EasyRx™ Fast Hangover Relief Supplement

Ginseng: Boosts alertness, combats fatigue, regulates the immune system, and improves liver function.

Broccoli: Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, providing nutritional support and energy.

Ginger: The gingerol in ginger alleviates stomach discomfort and has anti-nausea and anti-vomiting effects.

Bitter Melon: Promotes metabolism, reduces inflammation and oxidative stress caused by alcohol metabolism, and regulates blood sugar levels.

Honeysuckle: Promotes diuresis, helps eliminate substances produced by alcohol metabolism, and supports cardiovascular health.

Peppermint: Has a calming effect on the stomach, aiding in relieving discomfort and fatigue-induced nausea.

Licorice: Increases mucus secretion, relieving throat discomfort or dryness caused by alcohol consumption.

Hawthorn: Lowers blood lipids, promotes digestion, and helps alleviate digestive discomfort caused by alcohol.

Key Element

Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH) is one of the key enzymes involved in the oxidation-reduction reactions of aldehyde compounds in biological organisms. It plays a crucial role in the metabolism of acetaldehyde, converting harmful acetaldehyde into relatively harmless acetic acid, facilitating the elimination and metabolism of acetaldehyde. Extracting ALDH from ginseng and supplementing it into the human body is essential for alleviating symptoms of alcohol intoxication and promoting alcohol metabolism.
Ginseng contains a variety of chemical compounds, including ginsenosides and volatile oils, among other beneficial components. These constituents are believed to possess potential effects such as anti-fatigue, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cognitive enhancement. Additionally, they are thought to regulate gastrointestinal function, protect the liver, accelerate alcohol metabolism, and alleviate post-alcohol discomfort.

Health and Responsibility

Our product incorporates plant extracts and ginseng extracts, which have been certified by the FDA for their reliability and absence of adverse effects on the human body. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our users, conducting rigorous experiments to obtain credible certifications. Our commitment is to ensure that the product is not only harmless but also devoid of any discomfort when used.

EasyRx™ Fast Hangover Relief Supplement

 Our Mission

Let’s explore together the new user experience our product brings in terms of sobering up and relieving hangovers. While enjoying the pleasure of drinking, our product is designed to facilitate a quicker recovery to sobriety and vitality. Allowing you to freely indulge in the joy of drinking during social activities and swiftly shake off intoxication when needed, creating a unique and delightful social experience.

EasyRx™ Fast Hangover Relief Supplement

Choose our product and make every drinking moment filled with laughter and carefree enjoyment.


Before Drinking: Take three milliliters half an hour in advance, together with water, and the effect will be seen after half an hour.

After Drinking: Take three to five milliliters and regain sobriety in half an hour.

Customer Guarantee: Offers a full money back guarantee within 15 days!

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EasyRx™ Fast Hangover Relief Supplement
EasyRx™ Fast Hangover Relief Supplement
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