(🎄Early-Christmas Flash Sale🎄-48% OFF)Efficient Universal Drilling Bits(5 pcs)


(🎄Early-Christmas Flash Sale🎄-48% OFF)Efficient Universal Drilling Bits(5 pcs)


Efficient Universal Drilling Bits(5 pcs)

The universal drill head is a highly efficient drilling tool. Versatile and widely used for drilling holes to many different types of materials. Sharp, strong, and reduces breakout.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS:  Made of high-quality YG6X alloy as raw material.  The process of oxynitride of the cutter head strengthens and hardens the drill head.  The material is hard and tough, with good abrasion resistance.  The drill is strong, sturdy, and durable!

  • UNIQUE DESIGN:  Unique cross-cut design, low cut resistance, stable drilling, fast speed, no edge breaking.  The opening is neat, smooth, has no broken edges, strong and efficient. Small incision resistance, feature drilling stably, fast speed without breaking the border.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE TOLLS:  The drill head is very sharp and efficient.  This simplifies the drilling process and saves time.

When drilling hard materials, it’s recommended to add cold water to avoid burning the drill head.

  • SURFACE ELECTROPHORESIS PAINT PROCESS: Fully polished and anti-rust treatment; clean and neat without burrs.

Electrophoretic paint process, as well as anti-rust treatment, re-ensure the quality and durability of the drill head.

  • WIDELY USED & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: These drill bits can be used widely in many different materials such as ceramic, concrete, brick wall, steel plate, wood, glass, marble, thin iron, mirror and mirror, and glasses, providing smooth and accurate drilling.
  • VARIOUS SIZES:  There are  5 different sizes to choose from: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm; suitable for many different needs.  It can be installed in a general electric hand drill with a clamping range of 10mm and above.



Materials: Cemented Carbide

Product Weight: 125G

Product Size: 3*70/4*70/5*76/6*77/8*80

Package: 5 Pieces