Eighth Generation Grease Gun Adapter

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Greasing is a dirty task, but it doesn’t have to be one that frustrates you. No more cleaning up after all of the greasing! 

Start conserving grease, saving time, avoiding grease leaks, and eliminating the everyday hassles that poor greasing equipment causes.

The Eighth Generation Grease Gun Adapter is compatible with all grease guns. You can latch and release grease fittings in seconds by turning the textured swivel handle with your finger.

The Eighth Generation GreaseGun Adapter allows for more accuracy, pressure, and flow control in applying the grease and delivering it to regions that would otherwise be impossible to reach.

Greasing is done more frequently when it is easier. Regular lubrication extends machine life and increases uptime, which makes it ideal for industrial use.

The Eighth Generation Grease Gun Adapter on a typical grease gun is adjustable.

Turn one turn to the left to open and locate your zerk fitting. Clip it onto the zerk fitting and spin it half a turn to the right to secure it. You can simply inject the grease after docking.

Size: 17cm x 22cm
Weight: 0.2kg
Package Inclusion: Eighth Generation GreaseGun Adapter (x1)

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Eighth Generation Grease Gun Adapter