Electromagnetic Therapy Breast Tape


Electromagnetic Therapy Breast Tape

80% of women suffer from or concern about breast health problems!

Our Electromagnetic Therapy Breast Tape is an ultimate solution to prevent and resolve breast disorders like breast lumps, cysts, mastitis and painful breasts that can affect every woman.

The Japanese-invented tape is embedded with 7 massaging magnets, which forms an electromagnetic field to stimulate acupuncture points and clear blocked ducts.

The enhanced blood circulation in the breast area helps improve anti-sagging and lifting, thus retaining pert and firm breasts in perfect shape naturally.


  • Micro-electromagnetic circulation for promoting acupuncture stimulation and detoxification
  • Japanese therapeutic magnets for boosting blood circulation
  • Lymphatic drainage to prevent blocked ducts, mastitis, hyperplasia and other symptoms
  • Anti-sagging, anti-gravity and long-lasting lifting 
  • Promotes metabolism and enhances skin elasticity, size and contour of your breasts
  • Balances hormones and regulates menstrual disorders
  • Relieves muscle tension and improve sleeping quality
  • Magnetic therapy emulates the skilful hand-grip of a professional masseuse


  1. Peel off the plastic liner and apply the tape on breasts
  2. The tape can be applied during bedtime for overnight therapy
  3. Apply a new pair of tape 3 times a week for desirable lifting effect


  • Material : Toxic-free plastic, therapeutic magnets
  • Outer Diameter : 10cm
  • Inner Diameter :  2cm